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Disappeared Season 10: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

March 14, 2019
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Disappeared is a documentary television series aired in the United States. The first season of the show premiered on 10th December 2009 and aired in February 2010 on the cable network Investigation Discovery. Elizabeth Fischer, Benjamin Ringe, Knute Walker, Diana Sperrazza, Jeanie Vink are the executive producers and the co-executive producers of the show. Ruth Reiss and several others serve as the producer. Peacock Productions is the production company handling the show. Old episodes of the previous seasons keep re-airing on Investigation Discovery. The comeback for a new season of the show comes after an influx of the audience’s requests for introducing new channels. Disappeared is one of the cornerstone series which has given ID network some hardcore fans. The viewership is always skyrocketing, and they often feel like there’s nothing like this show on the television.

Disappeared shows the stories of different people who’ve gone missing unexpectedly throughout the United States and Canada under odd circumstances. The show proves to be an essential tool for law enforcement, to help families, bringing more attention towards the heartbreaking cases and to raise more awareness. It’s interspersed with the interviews and re-creation footages with the family, investigators, and friends. Each episode of the series focuses on a hopeful family that is either desperate to position and find a missing loved one or they want to let the world know about their story. The end of every episode prompts viewers to contact law enforcement for any additional information on the case.

Disappeared Cast: Who’s in it?

The show includes Christopher Crutchfield Walker as the narrator, host and the presenter throughout the series. Other cast members of the show change every season.

Disappeared Plot: What is it about?

Disappeared is a series full of suspense, crime, and mystery. It’s a documentary series based on a criminal investigation which focuses on individuals who have vanished without a trace under mysterious circumstances. The reasons for their disappearances are not known. The show consists of various interviews, comments, and views of different people connected with the disappearance in one way or another. These people are usually the friends and family members of the missing person, investigators and police officers. The series has helped to solve some of the cases, but most often, the cases covered in the episodes are not explained well when they are aired.

In the last season of Disappeared, Harry Williams talk about his 16-year-old daughter named- Sherita who people called “Sunshine”, after 15 years of her violent death. Sherita left her house on November 28, 2003, to meet a friend. Williams made a statement for that everybody is not trustworthy, and they might have an ulterior motive. The night Sherita left her home, she said: “I’m 16, I will be fine”. The episode “A Bridge Too Far” featuring her begins with a young girl walking down a street alone at night. The episode shows the dramatization of the odd path that she took at the wrong time that night which led to her death.

Disappeared Season 10 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season 9 released on March 18, 2019. It ended its run of 12 episodes on Jun 24, 2018. The air date of Disappeared season 10 has not been announced by Investigation Discovery. The ratings and reviews have been good enough to warrant another season in the series, and if all goes well, we should be seeing another season of Disappeared in 2019, with the release date falling sometime between March and June. Keep an eye out for updates.

Disappeared Season 10 Trailer

The official trailer has not come out for season 10. However, here is a glimpse from the series to give you an idea about the show.

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