Dogs of Berlin Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Dogs of Berlin is a new show from German Netflix after it first aired the series Dark. The show is expected to be filled with mystery, suspense and secret political agendas. Watch as the circumstances push two police detectives to work as a team. If you are looking for some underworld action, this is just the show for you.

The official synopses on Netflix reads, “Two cops investigate the murder of a famous Turkish-German soccer player, but one of them has underworld connections that mire the case in controversy.”

Dogs of Berlin appears to be an intriguing watch by the looks of it and with the element of mystery to it, it might go a long way in capturing people’s attention.

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Dogs of Berlin Season 1 Cast: Who is in it?

Fahri Yardim stars as ErolBirkan while Felix Kramer stars as Kurt Grimmer. The other members of the cast include Katharina Schuttler, Kais Setti, Anna Maria Muhe, MahammedIssa, Katrin Sass, DenizOrta, Sebastian Zimmler, Hanna Herzsprung, Alina Stiegler among many others. If details of any changes in the cast are announced in the coming months, you will be the first to know. Stay tuned to this page.

Dogs of Berlin Season 1 Plot: What is it about?

When a politically sensitive murder rocks Berlin, two police detectives are forced to work shoulder to shoulder. They battle it out with the underworld and they don’t yet know that a confrontation with their own corruption and weaknesses awaits them with hungry jaws. They are now at a point where they actually have to decide which side of the law they are actually on.

The two officers Erol Birkan and Kurt Grimmer are shown investigating the murder of the Turkish-German soccer star, Orkan Erdem. In the investigation that ensues, both the officers are pushed to the brink of death which promises that the series is coloured in blood, thrill, mystery and suspense. There is a Neo-Nazi element in the show that could be controversial. We don’t know how well it has been received by the audience since Netflix doesn’t disclose details of the kind for the public to see. Netflix, as we know, is no stranger to gore, controversy and uncomfortable content featuring bloodshed. The show might end up resonating with a large segment of the audience. Murder, mayhem, and mafia are a favourite amongst its viewers and might motivate Netflix to bring it back for another season.

Watch this section for news on the upcoming season.

Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The official air date was announced to be December 7, 2018. Netflix hasn’t been vocal about its plan to renew Dogs of Berlin for another season. Given that the first season took over a year to finally hit the screens, it may be a long time before we get a glimpse of season 2, especially when it is yet to be renewed. We will still be following any developments in the series closely and keep you updated with the latest news. If a renewal happens, we can expect a release in 2020.

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Dogs of Berlin Season 1 Trailer

Watch the announcement of the show here. Watch this space for more information and news on the latest updates of Dogs of Berlin.

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