Don’t Watch This Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & News

Don’t Watch This is an American horror TV program aired on 29th October 2018 on Netflix. The series has gained 3.3 out of 10 on  IMDb which is very low. Don’t Watch This series tells some short horror tales of dark obsessions, ghoulish creatures as well as unsettling visions. If you are weak at heart and can’t handle ghostly series, then this series is not for you. Starring Lize Johnston, Bri Leone as well as Acacia Angelita Marquez, this series features some of the best picked and hair-raising episodes on TV. Last year, Netflix had dropped this special series in Halloween. From an American Psycho homage featuring Antoni “Avocado King” Porowski from Queer Eye to virtual reality death game, this series has brought a good collection of short horror series. All the episodes are less than 10 minutes long, so you can give a try and finish it half an hour only. Some short episodes have weird endings which will leave you confused. Dive into this series and figure out the episodes yourself.

Don’t Watch This Cast: Who is in it?

Full cast of this series is Kattrena Clarke plays as a student, Deja Cruz plays as a Student, Makenzie Coleman plays as a Student, Kashia Galvan plays as a Student, Parker Iverson plays as a Student, Ellie Gan plays as a Student, Cassandra Kyaw plays as a Student, Lize Johnston plays as a Tall Creature, Acacia Marquez plays as Julie, Katie Anne Moy plays as Lisa, Jacob Nichols plays as Alex, John Salandria plays as Noah, Bri Leone plays as Abby, Caleb Milby plays as a Student, Flynn Nicholls plays as a Dead Body and Antoni Porowski.

Don’t Watch This Plot: What is it about?

The first episode of Friendship Bracelet centers around a girl named Julie who is obsessed with taking things apart. The character is seen is doing weird things like poking sticks at dead animals and operating her toy doll. On Julie’s birthday, her two school friends named Lis and Abby decide to leave her birthday party almost after arriving. Julie gets sad and plans to open their hearts so that they can all be friends forever. By opening their hearts, she literally means to dissect their skin so they don’t behave rudely with her. Sadly, Lisa and Abby are killed by her after a horrible house chase in the entire house. The gore doesn’t end here; she makes a friendship bracelet out of Lisa and Abby’s hairs and intestines to keep their friendship forever. In the next episode of CTRL+ALT+DEL, the dark episode centers around an internet troll who loves to get involved in bad things. One day he hacks a young girl’s phone and steals all her private photos and posts it online.

Later on, he gets his reward for his doings when an internet demon invites him to play a simple puzzle game on the internet. The demon states after winning this game, he will get access to a hidden corner in the dark web. The game is not as difficult, but he fails to win in all the three puzzles. The demons also set rules in this game, and each time he fails in the puzzles, he will receive an electric shock and his skin will boil. After failing in all the puzzles, the internet demon emerges in the game and stabs him in the leg. For some reasons, he dies in real life as well. The story is left unclear and the audience is forced to think that why he never bothered to take off his Virtual Reality headset off. In the new episode of Incommundun, it contains creepy videos like a woman with wings standing on the open grass field, killer clowns and so much more. This episode contains a bunch of creepy shorts and it has no end, the audience have to sit back and consume all the information. The episode features some visuals similar to the scenes like in the “Silent Hill” in Samara’s death tape from The Ring movie and videos like Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer” video.

In the next episode of Keep Out, it follows around two YouTubers named Alex and Noah who travel to some of the spookiest locations to find ghouls and ghosts. This episode provides one of the best short of traditional horror videos. The pair is so fascinated by Logan Paul video of shooting a dead body of a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest which had caused controversy all over the internet. They decide to travel to a haunted house which belonged to a pharmacologist who used to perform experiments on his kids. After they enter the house, a mutated creature attacks them who is supposed to be one of the pharmacologist kids. Alex ends up dying in the house itself where the creature cut opens his and removes his internal organs. On the other hand, Noah makes his way towards his car, but the episode ends with his death.

Don’t Watch This Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The name of the series strikes fear and anticipation among the audience. This Netflix horror short film collection has blown the viewer’s mind away. However, the series acquired both good and bad reviews from the critics. But there are still some fans who are waiting for Don’t Watch This season 2. For now, there is no news about the renewal of the series. We can only hope that Season 2 release date is sometime in 2020.

Don’t Watch This Season 2 Trailer:

Enjoy the official trailer of this Netflix series by clicking here or from the link mentioned below.

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