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When Will Dream Corp LLC Season 3 Premiere on Adult Swim?

November 25, 2019
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Dream Corp LLC is an American dark comedy series that first premiered on October 23, 2016 on Adult Swim. The show is directed by Daniel Stessen, best known for ‘The Gold Sparrow’, an Emmy nominated short animated movie. The executive producers of the show include names like Stephen Merchant, co-creator of ‘The Office’ (the UK version) and John Krasinski, known for his performance in ‘The Office’ (American version). The show is the first on Adult Swim to use the Rotoscoping feature, a technique used to animate live motion-picture footage.

Dream Corp LLC is based on a neglected dream therapy facility, headed by Dr. Roberts and looked after by his amateur and incompetent staff. The show features desperate patients, who in order to overcome their problems, seek the help of Dream Corp, where their dreams are recorded. Their dreams are further analyzed by Dr. Roberts, who uses his unconventional methods like ketamine, psychedelic, chloroform and a lot more for treatment.

Though the show is mostly a comedy, it also has elements of dark adult-humor and science-fiction. The twisted and absent-minded characters make the plot completely unpredictable and sometimes shocking for the audience.

After two successful seasons, you must be wondering: will there be a Dream Corp LLC season 3? Well, let’s try to answer that question. But first, the cast and plot details of the show.

Dream Corp LLC Cast: Who’s in it?

Jon Gries plays the main character of Dr. Robert. Gries is known for his recurring role as Roger Linus on ‘Lost’ and as Uncle Rico in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’. Robert is an absent-minded doctor who experiments on his patient by sending them into an alternate dream world. His treatments are known to be mostly disastrous and sometimes effective.

Stephanie Allynne plays the character of Joe in season 1 whereas Megan Ferguson plays the character of Bea, a new intern in season 2. Ahmed Baroocha plays the character of Ahmed whereas the co-writer and director of the British comedy, ‘The Office’ – Stephen Merchant, plays the voice behind T.E.R.R.Y, a robot. Mark Proksch, another name associated with ‘The Office’, plays the character of Randy Blink.

Apart from these main characters, who will most likely be returning for season 3, the show includes many renowned names that make guest appearances as patients.

Nick Rutherford plays the character of patient 88, June Squibb is seen as patient 54, Geoffrey Arend as Patient 86, Dan Gill as patient 103, Mary Lynn as patient 46, Cleo King as patient 13, Jimmy Simpsons as patient 21, Eugene Cordero as patient 74, Cleo King as patient 13, Rupert Friend as patient 62, Natalie Morales as patient 6, Mo Collins as patient 30, Iqbal Theba as patient 75, Allyn Rachel as patient 66, Toby Kebbell as patient 101.

Apart from them, Darrell Hammond plays the character of Bill Ruff, Roberts’ old roommate and Liam Neeson plays the demonic form of Joey in season 1.

Dream Corp LLC Plot: What is it about?

The show features the medical and scientific chronicles of Dr. Roberts and his equally weird associates and interns at Dream Corp facility. The facility hides from the attention of cops and any other such organization because of the unconventional means of treatment they use. Every week, the episode introduces the audience to a patient, whose problems are attempted to be cured by recording and analyzing their dreams.

The season 1 starts with patient 88, who is seeking a cure for his romantic problems. Though later his card is declined and his case is dismissed. The following episodes feature patients dealing with relationship phobias, smoking habits, and OCD. In one of the episodes, T.E.R.R.Y., after turning 21, feels outdated. He is given a new sense of hope and meaning to life by the facility members and his mother. He and patient 88 are later found attracted to patient 46, who escapes from the facility unannounced. In the last episode of season 1, when the facility is evacuated due to a disastrous leak, Joey is left behind in the dream world and takes the form of a demon.

In season 2, we see more desperate patients with even more absurd problems. The first episode of the new season witnesses a patient suffering from parasomnia, a condition with unusual sleep behavior. During the session, the patient injures Bea and is later guided by Dr. Roberts to come out of his dream. The facility takes in patients with different issues like claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), arachnophobia (fear of spiders), haphephobia (fear of touch) and a few more.

For each problem, a unique and individual method of treatment is suggested that sometimes works and sometimes does not. The season ended with one of the most difficult patients that Dr. Roberts had ever treated. To cure the famous serial killer, Dr. Robert took the help of his entire staff.

In season 3, we are sure to see more interesting patients with their uncommon phobias and the unique methods of Dr. Roberts and his team.

Dream Corp LLC Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Dream Corp LLC season 2 premiered on October 21, 2018, on Adult Swim. It consisted of 14 episodes and aired its last episode on December 2, 2018.

The good news is that network had announced the renewal of the show for season 3, even before the premiere of season 2. Although no particular date was revealed, it was believed that the show will return for its new season in late 2019. Though,  that seems unlikely at the moment.  We believe that Dream Corp LLC season 3 will premiere sometime in July 2020 or later.

Dream Corp LLC Trailer

There is no official trailer of season 3 yet, but you can catch the trailer of the trippy show’s season 2 below –

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