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When Will Ellen’s Game of Games Season 3 Premiere on NBC?

October 15, 2019
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Ellen’s Game of Games is a game show that first premiered on December 18, 2017, on NBC. It includes some of the games from Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show that are most popular with the audience. These games are tweaked, and some are turned life-size using sets and props for a more immersive experience.

The show after two successful seasons is set to return with a new installment in January 2020. Here’s everything we know about Ellen’s Game of Games season 3.

Ellen’s Game of Games Cast: Who is in it?

America’s favourite host, Ellen DeGeneres, stars as the host for Ellen’s Game of Games. Ellen is primarily a part of the daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen loves games and is seen attempting them during her talk show as well. The same team and production house have created this extension to celebrate her love for games and involve the audience in it.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss stars as Ellen’s sidekick. Stephen is a freestyle hip-hop dancer who rose to fame in 2008, when he was declared runner-up in the American dance series, So You Think You Can Dance. Stephen also works as a DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2014. Besides this, Stephen has played roles in some movies like Stomp the Yard: Homecoming (2010) and the Step-up trilogy.

What is Ellen’s Game of Games About?

The show begins with Ellen choosing a few lucky members from a live audience who then compete to win the grand prize. The games are usually life-sized built using mechanical props and sets. Ellen hosts the games and also controls the mechanical props wherever required. Stephen “tWitch” Boss stars as Ellen’s sidekick.

Each episode of Game of Games is typically divided into three segments. Contestants compete with one another in four separate preliminary games. The winner of each game proceeds to the semi-final round which is also called “Know or Go”. The only surviving player finally plays the final which is also called “Hot Hands”, for a chance to win $100,000.

Some of the most popular preliminary games include, ‘Aw Snap’, where contestants are tied to a bungee cord. ‘Dizzy Dash’ is another fun game where contestants are asked trivia questions and then spun on a wheelchair. The first contestant to reach the finish line in their dizzy state and give the correct answer is declared the winner. ‘Say What’ makes the contestants wear headphones with loud music. The contestants are then asked to relay a message to each other judging on the lip movements. Points are then given based on how correctly the message is relayed. ‘Stink Tank’ literally drowns the contestants into a tank of slime if they give an incorrect answer.

After the preliminary rounds, the winners proceed to the semi-final also called “Know or Go”. Contestants stand on trap doors and answer questions. A wrong answer makes the trap door open, and the contestant slides down a chute to the bottom. The last standing contestant is declared the winner and advances to the final.

The final also called “Hot Hands” is the last standing contestants chance to win $100,000. Contestants are asked to identify celebrity faces that fit a particular category. With each right answer, the contestant wins an escalated amount of money. The game ends when the contestant has guessed ten celebrity faces.

Game of Games is a total entertainer. Ellen carries the show with her impeccable charm and persona. New contestants, new questions and games every week keep the show fresh and lively each time. While it’s a separate show, Ellen and team manage to give it a familiar feel owing to the widely popular Ellen DeGeneres Show. The life-sized games are designed really well and are a treat to watch. Game of Games has all the charm, humour, excitement and entertainment for the entire family. It is one of those rare game shows that you can binge-watch and not feel bored even for a minute.

Ellen’s Game of Games Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Ellen’s Game of Games Season 2 premiered on December 12, 2018, on NBC and came to an end on April 2, 2019 after a run for 13 episodes.

The show has been received well overall and thanks to the popularity of host Ellen DeGeneres, the show is widely watched across America and even internationally.

The good news for the fans is that the show will soon be back on air. On January 16, 2019, NBC renewed the series for a third season. Ellen’s Game of Games Season 3 is set to premiere in January 2020.

Ellen’s Game of Games Trailer:

Here’s a sneak peek of season 2 of the show:

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