Eric and Courtney Waldrop From Sweet Home Sextuplets: Everything We Know

September 28, 2020
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The key to raising a child is composure and love. But to bring up nine children, the parents might need to pray for some divine form of patience. Eric and Courtney have been blessed with a pair of sextuplets – three daughters and three sons – after already being parents to three boys. TLC introduced their family to the world on September 18th, 2018, in ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets.’ The popular series aims to showcase the firsts and milestones of each of their newborn babies like birthdays, Christmas celebrations, first outing to the church, and family vacations.

Since the inception of the light-hearted show, the audience has taken much interest in the chaotic tasks the Waldrop parents take on. The second season’s popularity and success guaranteed more episodes packed with fun, laughter with a pinch of crankiness. Intrigued to know all about their story of love and resolution? Here is everything we know!

Eric and Courtney Waldrop’s Love Story

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24 years ago today (in the 8th grade at the age of 14) I became this guys girlfriend💗💗we literally were just babies but God sure knew what He was doing!! Thankful everyday for the memories and the many years we’ve had together from babies to adults to parents of 1 child, then 3, now NINE!!! We could have never predicted way back then that we would have 9 kids one day together, but the one thing we could predict was that our love would always be strong enough for anything and through everything our love would always grow stronger!! Thankful to our Lord and Savior for this indescribable Love He has blessed us with and this precious life we are living!!🙏❤️🙏 I love you Eric Waldrop😘 #24yearstogether #wewerejustbabies #loveatfirstsight #wouldntchangeathing #thankyougod

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The then-14-year-olds fell hard and fast for each other while they were both eighth-graders. Everyone around the high-school juniors doubted the seriousness of their relationship, but the pair proved that they were meant to be. Enduringly, before Eric had proposed to his girlfriend Courtney during their final year of college, they had never dated anyone else. A month after they graduated from Alabama’s Auburn University, the childhood sweethearts headed to the altar, in May 2004. In December 2008, the couple welcomed their firstborn son, Saylor, and their twin baby boys, Wales and Bridge, were born in January 2012 after almost four years.

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Fun day at the water park with these cuties!!!

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The Waldrops were already a family of five when Courtney faced fertility issues while trying for another baby. She and her husband turned to IVF as a solution, and it looks like God answered their prayers closely. In December 2017, she gave birth to Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers, and Tag. Yes, you read that right… Six babies! The couple now resides at a farmhouse in Albertville, Alabama. They can not even begin to imagine rearing up their large family without the unfaltering help and moral support of their kith and kin.

Eric and Courtney Waldrop’s Sweet Home Sextuplets Journey

With their unconventional lifestyle, the Waldrop family challenges the notion of anybody who claims to find one baby handful. Their journey on the show began right after Courtney conceived and went to a gynecologist for a regular check-up. The happy news soon turned into a shock when they were informed that Courtney was pregnant with two sets of triplets. After much contemplation, they turned down the suggestion of ‘selective reduction’ which is a procedure to reduce the number of fetuses in her belly.

The soon-to-be parents felt content after making their final decision and went forward with it, putting an immense faith in each other and the Almighty. They made sure that their young boys felt included at each step before and after Courtney’s pregnancy. She gave birth to the sextuplets on December 11, 2017, at Huntsville Hospital in Alabama. Saylor, Wales, and Bridge even helped the parents to announce to everyone their names.

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2 years ago we announced the names to all of our babies!!! So many of you have asked me how I came up with their names…well as you can tell I LOVE unique and different names you don’t hear often. Since I was a teenager if I ever thought of an unusual, unique name I would write it down in my Bible…never ever expecting to use most of the names I had written down😝 But God had plans for all of those names!!!🙌🏻 Saylor, Wales, Bridge, Rayne, Layke, Rivers(in my Bible was originally River-for a boy but then decided to change to Rivers for a girl. All of those names had been in my Bible for years, along with some of their middle names!! Tag was suggested by a friend, Blu was inspired by a friend, and Rawlings was inspired after playing baseball in the yard with the boys one Summer day..I picked up the baseball and thought to myself Rawlings would make a cute girl name if we were to ever have a girl.(A girl…not 3 girls😆) As far as the water theme for most of my kids…don’t ask me how that happened. Evidently I just like names that can be related to water!!🤣 The most amazing thing to me is that the majority of these names were picked out and written in my Bible long before Eric and I knew we would be the parents to 9 sweet children!!🙏🙌🏻🙏 We decided to name the babies in alphabetical order according to the order of their birth. That’s how we named Bridge and Wales and it worked great so I knew with 6 it was our only choice. If I waited until they were born I would never be able to make a decision on who would be named what. So each baby had a their name immediately following birth…and wow how their names fit them perfectly!!Birth order~💙-Blu 💙Layke 💗Rawlings 💗Rayne 💙Tag 💗-Rivers #godsdivinenine #waldropbabynames #waldropbabies #sweethomesextuplets

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The couple has mostly felt blessed with life-saving occurrences like all their two-years-olds sleeping through the nights, giving them much-needed peace. But along the way, they also have had to make a few difficult choices, for instance, remodeling their house to fit in the Waldrop clan comfortably. The new place needed to be appropriate for six toddlers and three boys who would grow into teenagers in no time.

But while the renovation was in process, the family of 11 had to live cramped up in a 1,500 square-foot mobile home. To top it all up, school permanently closed down in 2020 when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the world, erasing the fine line between a breezy and hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, their house is now ready and looks nothing less than spacious and beautiful.

In addition to being on this adventurous and challenging ride, the TLC reality TV stars have also worked hard to provide for their family. Eric is an entrepreneur, and his wife, a former grade-one teacher, has been running a successful jewelry business. They are abundantly proud of the sextuplets as they are growing into six unique personalities. Their fans have showered immense love and support upon them for grinding so hard each day, all while carrying a big smile on the faces.

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