12 Best Eva Green Movies and TV Shows

January 12, 2018
7 min read

Eva Green is one of the finest actresses alive today. She is immensely popular not only for her beauty but for her fantastic acting prowess. Originally French, Green has made a foray in Hollywood and consolidated her spot with both cerebral and lighter roles. Here is the list of top 12 Eva Green movies and TV shows:


12. The Golden Compass

Eva Green plays Serafina Pekkala an evil witch in this big budget fantasy film. The film itself did not receive a lot of positive reviews despite having a stellar cast and very impressive CGI. Eva Green however delivers quite an adequate performance and manages to shine out even among the illustrious company of co workers that are present in the film. Green’s effortless mimicking of a villainous evil queen sends shivers down our spine as she delivers her well balanced act.


11. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Eva Green teams up with Tim Burton once again and plays a role that can almost be described as Charles Xavier-like from the X Men series. Miss Peregrine runs a home for gifted children and Eva Green delivers a wholesome performance as a headmistress who is very much in control but also lets genuine affection shine through for the children. A film which follows a typical fantasy narrative with attacks from monsters and the pitting of good versus evil, Eva Green shows us a great performance and maturity as an actress.


10. 300: Rise of an Empire

The sequel to Zack Snyder’s popular 300, this film wasn’t as good but Eva Green as Artemisia was a truly memorable character. Bloodthirsty, ambitious and unapologetically standing her ground, Green embodied a prototype feminist character in a male dominated world of war. Green delivers an electrifying performance and makes the movie memorable largely due to her personal contribution.


9. Perfect Sense

Directed by David McKenzie, Eva Green plays an epidemiologist who enters a lust fuelled tumultuous affair with a chef, played by Ewan McGregor. Green delivers a stunning humane performance as a person who strives to maintain the initial lust and humanity in the relationship when faced by a mysterious virus that begins to rob humans of their senses. While Perfect Sense is not one of Green’s biggest films, it definitely showcases the actresses’ diversity and range of acting.


8. Dark Shadows

Directed by Tim Burton, this film is Burton’s take on the 1970s television series. Green delivers a mind blowing performance as Angelique Bouchard, an evil witch bent on the destruction of the Collins family. Green’s seductive eyes, bright red lipstick and cold demeanor remains memorable in a film that doesn’t deliver a lot on memorable moments. Eva Green does a stunning job as an antagonist and this film is definitely one of her successful stints as an actress.


7. Camelot

This historical fantasy television drama did not garner much attention itself receiving only lukewarm responses. Based on the legend of King Arthur, this show casts Eva Green as Morgan the villainous half sister of Arthur. As Morgan plots to take the throne away from Arthur, Eva Green delivers a beautiful eye grabbing performance where her evil intentions and nastiness is never overstated but always hanging around like a malignant atmosphere.

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