All 10 David Fincher Movies, Ranked From Average to Best

It is not easy to rank David Fincher movies. After all, he is one of the very few directors who haven’t made a single bad film.  Rising up the ranks from directing music videos and advertisements, David Fincher today is one of the most well-known directors. Though all of his films have not been exceptionally successful at the box office, they have received critical acclaim throughout and have been listed in All-Time Favorites and Best Films of The Year by many critics and media outlets. He is known for being a perfectionist, holding an icy outlook towards the world and bringing out realism in his films.

Hoping that there will countless more great movies that we will get to see from him, here is the list top David Fincher movies, ranked from average to best.


10. ALIEN 3 (1992)

Alien 3

Though ‘Alien 3’ was not able to garner the same critical acclaim as the first two ‘Alien’ films, to have the guts to extend a franchise whose earlier films had people like Ridley Scott and James Cameron as directors is appreciable. The film follows the events of ‘Aliens’ as an escape pod crashes on Fiorina 161 and Ellen Ripley has to fight the aliens, without any gadgets or modern technology, just involving the men, who were held as prisoners in the wasteland. Maybe ‘Alien 3’ was a failed attempt in doing what Fincher really wanted to do; it is certainly worthy of praise for being a debut film of a small-scale maker of music videos.


9. THE GAME (1997)

The Game

Based on a very intriguing plot, though low down the list, Fincher doesn’t disappoint in ‘The Game’ too. The film follows a wealthy banker, who had a peaceful life till now, but is gifted a role-playing real life game on his birthday by his estranged brother. Though reluctant at first, he finally accepts playing it and is pulled into a world of fear and mystery, from which he must come out by his own wits. Though not so much a box-office success like his previous film ‘Se7en’, ‘The Game’ received acclaim due to its unique story line and performances from the lead cast.


8. PANIC ROOM (2002)

Panic Room

‘Panic Room’ is a many-time watch, first time to savor the story line and subsequently to understand the thematic presences of mortality and daughter-mother relations throughout the film. The film branches itself from the idea of the highly media-covered concept of panic rooms in the early 2000s, which were made by people as a safe haven in case of break-ins or some destructive natural phenomena. A single mother and her daughter are trapped in such a panic room and the film follows how they catch up with the three intruders who broke into their house, because what they really want is not in their house, but in the panic room. Engaging authoring by David Koepp and Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto in lead roles made this film another of those memorable watches. One of the underrated movies of David Fincher.



The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

Based on the first book of the ‘Millenium’ trilogy by Stieg Larsson, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is a crime-thriller. The film tells us about a now-shadowed reporter, who sees a chance to regain his honor, when he is hired by a wealthy industrialist to investigate the murder of his niece. The reporter has to find out the truth, has to take risks and along with him is a computer hacker, who is also on the quest to find out the truth. Lead pair is played by Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara; Mara was also nominated for the Best Actress Award, her first, a rising actress who would go on to become one of the most sought after actresses.



The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ is a love story; Fincher’s unusual love story, which can hardly be overlooked. Loosely based on Scott Fitzgerald’s short story of the same name, the film follows a man, who is mysteriously born with physical appearances of an elderly man and ages in reverse. Love takes him forward. He faces hardships and challenges throughout his entire life, but the lingering hope that one day he will be together with the love of his life takes him forward and gives him the spark to live on. Brilliant performances by Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Taraji Henson makes the film even more memorable and does not let us feel the monotony of its nearly three hours running time.

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