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When Will Expedition Unknown Return on Discovery?

Updated January 20, 2020
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‘Expedition Unknown’ is a reality adventure series that airs on the Discovery Channel. The series was originally being aired on the Travel Channel but it jumped ships after its fifth season.

Josh Gates, the presenter and narrator of the show, goes on journeys across the world to discover the truth behind some of the most iconic legends and myths. Gates takes his viewers on a search for treasures, lost cities only talked about in stories, remains of famous people who were never found, and so on. With his expert guidance, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride in a world full of adventure, mystery, and surprises.

The show has had seven successful seasons so far. Here is everything we know about ‘Expedition Unknown’ season 8.

Who is the Host of Expedition Unknown?

Josh Gates is the only constant cast member of this show. What we have to remember about this man is that he is a lot more than a television presenter. Gates holds a degree in archaeology; he has managed to climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa; he has been a part of archaeological excavations commissioned by the University of Maryland; he is also an inductee of the extremely elite Explorer’s Club. Gates has traveled to around 100 countries.

Gates’ repertoire does not only end at excavations and adventures across the world. He has also indulged in investigations of paranormal activity. Before he started working on ‘Expedition Unknown’, Gates was the host and the chief paranormal investigator of a show called ‘Destination Truth’ (2007-2012) on Syfy. On this show, Gates, along with other paranormal investigators, investigates a place based on claims of paranormal activity and in the end, he agrees to or denies the allegations of the same.

It has been confirmed that Gates is returning for season 8 as well to resume his hosting duties.

What is Expedition Unknown About?

‘Expedition Unknown’ is all about Josh Gates. He takes the viewers along on an adventure to find out the truth behind some of the greatest mysteries and legends in the world. At the end of each episode, we come to know how much truth there actually is, and how much of it is just stories passed on through generations.

Over the years we have seen Josh go on these incredible adventures that only he could. We saw him venturing into the erstwhile Nazi Third Reich to find out the truth about the famous Crystal Skull to hunt for a Nazi fortune. In won’t be wrong to state that Josh has become an Indiana Jones-like figure. After all, who would dare to dive to the bottom of the Great Lakes to look for the wreckage of an American ship called ‘The Griffon’, popularly known as the ‘Holy Grail’ of American shipwrecks?

And what about Josh’s visit to Lake Titicaca in South America? This lake is located at the border of Peru and Bolivia, and here Josh goes on a quest to look for the lost city now known as ‘Atlantis of the Andes’. In another episode, Josh takes us to France where he tries to solve an ancient puzzle that apparently leads to a hidden treasure chest.

Josh uses his experiences in exploration in finding out the truth. Cutting-edge technology and a team of behind-the-scenes historians and archaeologists are of course there to plan the entire thing, but it is Gates’ quick wit and absolute fearlessness that become the hallmarks of the show and keeps the viewers wanting for more.

Season 8 starts off with Josh unearthing new information about D-Day after traveling to battlefields and the beaches of Normandy. Then he goes on a quest to find a massive U.S. commercial airliner and heads to Africa to establish the lost links between humans and their ancestors. He even comes across mysterious Nazi bunkers and an unexploded bomb, which had been frozen all this time in the waters.

Discovery added what we can further expect from season 8. It stated: “Throughout the season, Gates will undertake numerous thrilling global adventures including a trek across the U.K. in the footsteps of a Celtic warrior queen and a journey to the islands of Seychelles to decipher a cryptic code that may lead to lost pirate treasure. Finally, in a two-part season finale, Josh will sail into the enigma that is the Bermuda Triangle on a dangerous voyage of discovery.”

Expedition Unknown Season 8 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Expedition Unknown Season 7 premiered on August 8, 2019, on Discovery Channel. After airing for 13 episodes, it concluded on October 31, 2019.

Soon after season 7 ended, Discovery renewed the show for another season. ‘Expedition Unknown’ season 8 is slated to premiere on February 5, 2020, at 8 PM ET, with a special two-hour debut on both Discovery Channel and the Discovery Go app.

Expedition Unknown Trailer:

Below is a promo of a special episode, ‘Expedition Unknown: Egypt LIVE’, that we can share with you. If you wish to catch all the previous seasons from the show, you can watch them directly on the Discovery Channel.

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