Fact Check: Is Cody Orlove Really Dead?

July 3, 2020
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The news about Cody Orlove’s death, which started doing the rounds a couple of days back, is false. The rumor holds no water, and the social media personality is alive and well. Some fans seem to have taken Cody’s silence on social media, coupled with an article from an infamous celebrity death hoax site as ample proof to believe that he’s passed away. Notably, Cody is famous for his presence on Instagram, and even TikTok, where he is a star. But, how did the rumors about his death start?

Cody Orlove Death Rumors Explained:

Rumors about Cody’s death started circulating due to an infamous site called channel45news. After using a breaking news alert template, the site informs viewers that police officers found Cody’s body at 5:58. The report claims that Zoe Laverne started the #redforcody trend on Instagram to bring his death to justice, and it concludes saying that Cody died at a young age, making it hard for his family and fans.

Now, firstly, channel45news is a prank site, and it says as much on the side. Therefore, a discerning reader might not have fallen for the hoax, but understandably people are often guided by emotions during these moments, and they share the news without checking. In fact, the rumor spread like wildfire, enough for a site dedicated to obituaries to put up one in Cody’s name, confusing fans even further.

However, if one looks at the original hoax news, the hashtag #redforcody stands out. For those familiar with Cody’s life, you’ll know that he went missing after his 18th birthday. Zoe and Cody’s sister both took to using the hashtag since they were worried about him. However, Cody returned safe and sound and explained to fans how it was mentally draining for him to be live on Instagram, make YouTube videos, and other posts on social media. Since he needed a break from it all, he went off-grid and also dealt with some personal issues which he couldn’t share with fans.

Although Cody has addressed his past disappearance, he hasn’t spoken out about his recent death hoax. It is understandable because he’s taken a short hiatus from social media, following his breakup with Zoe Laverne. Zoe alleged that Cody had abused her while they were in a relationship, and the latter has taken responsibility. He has also put out a lengthy Instagram post detailing the course of action in his life.

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I know many of you are expecting a response. I have taken time to reflect on the situation, what happened, and what to learn from it. The audio clip that was released contained an argument between Zoe and me and it was recorded and released without either of our knowledge or consent. Nothing is more important in this situation than my integrity and I am willing to embrace doing the right thing in this situation as an adult, even if many of the details are incorrect. First and foremost, I do not condone violence, abuse or physical altercations. I have become increasingly aware as a young adult how important the discussion of this topic is. I have been given a platform and my only hope is use it for good and spread awareness about these important issues moving forward. Regarding Zoe and our relationship, there were never any marks or physical damage between the two of us. The suggestion that I abused her has be skewed and misrepresents everything I am and everything I believe as a person. We both have realized that no level of stress in a relationship warrants hurting someone emotionally, verbally, or physically, ever. Especially someone you truly love. As teens, we found ourselves in a toxic relationship where we both participated in unhealthy behavior that at times went too far on both of our parts. This wasn’t our first fight. We worked through so many of them together and always came out stronger. I love Zoe deeply as a person.  I have loved her from the very beginning of our relationship and I still have so much love for her today. But there were many mistakes in our relationship on both parts.  Our love does not excuse bad conduct and I intend to learn from my mistakes. Please accept this as an apology for the things I have said or done on my part to hurt Zoe. I have made a commitment to change and I expect to be held accountable to the commitments and promises I make as an adult public figure and even more so as a man. When it comes to such an important topic, it is my duty to use my platform to raise awareness, promote change, and grow as a person. I am forever grateful for those who have given me a chance to grow. I will not let you down.

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Thus, the 18-year-old social media personality is very much alive, although he has to figure out what kind of person he wants to be in life. For now, he’s staying away from social media, and if we are all a little careful in checking the news we share, we can avoid a lot of misinformation, including celebrity death hoaxes.

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