14 Funniest Love Making Scenes in Movies

Love making scenes in movies can be funny, intense & romantic. These particular scenes can involve puppets, multiple people, or pools. Cinema has been around for more than a century and skillful directors have elevated the love making scenes to new heights throughout the course of filmmaking history.

Here is the list of most wildly hilarious movie sex scenes to ever hit the big screen, from people accidentally getting jizzed on, to doll’s having better sex.


14. Howard The Duck (1986)

There was a time when Lea Thompson almost had sex with a giant duck. In ‘Howard the Duck,’ an alien duck with a fondness for cigars is beamed to Earth, where Lea Thomspon takes him in. In a particular scene, the pair joke about hooking up, but things almost become very real when Thompson starts putting the moves on her new duck friend. Thankfully, she’s stopped before she can take her top off and go too far. The 80s were a strange time.


13. Bride Of Chucky (1986)

While horror movies are typically known for gory, bloody sex scenes  especially when sex is involved. There are numerous of hilarious mid-sex death, but the grandaddy of all horror sex scenes is indeed one of my favorite 90s horror movies, Bride Of Chucky.

There is a scene in the movie where Chucky proclaims his love for Tiff. After proposing with a left-behind ring, the two decide to consummate their love with a little doll on doll action. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little bit like Pinocchio here,” Chucky jests, and then he starts sensually stripping Tiff’s clothes off before she asks, “Wait, have you got a rubber?” This scene is indeed one of the funniest sex scenes in movies.


12. The Tall Guy (1989)

Dexter(Jeff Goldblum) falls for a nurse named Kate (Emma Thompson), whom he meets after going to the doctor for a chronic case of hay fever. Following a rather odd courtship, the pair finally get it together.

The Tall Guy, features one of the most ridiculous and oddly joyful sex scenes in cinema. Dexter and Kate spend an afternoon together totally ripping up an apartment, knocking over furniture and fruit bowls, and having sex on pretty much every surface – including the piano, against family photographs, in the closet, and on a carton of milk. Some of the positions defy both anatomy, but this is a comedy after all. The scene is played for laughs,  an added bonus is one of the few depictions of cunnilingus, culminating in Dexter getting an unfortunate attack of hay fever in the process.


11. The Troll 2 (1990)

Troll 2 awkward sex scene, The Room‘s take on the beast with two backs was hilarious. Troll 2 stepped into the realm of the flat-out incomprehensible. The seductress is a witch, her prey a be-mulleted David Lynch lookalike that her goblin minions want to eat.

Why is there popcorn everywhere? The now infamous Popcorn Sex scene is the weird and hilariously incompetent centerpiece the film, the point where a bunch of lazy and careless people finally gave out altogether. It’s a scene that needs to be witnessed to be believed, with an evidently clueless pair of actors hurled into a scene so pointless, confusing and inconsequential.


10. The Room (2003)

Tommy Wiseau’s cult monstrosity, The Room’s multiple scenes of painfully soundtracked, unfortunately hilarious and anatomically incompetent attempts at on-screen Will indeed go down in history. Just when you’ve recovered from the horror of witnessing Wiseau’s naked arse grinding against an unfortunate actress’ belly button, the whole thing happens again but this time even longer and spliced in with shots of the first one, just in case you forgot.


9. American Pie (1999)

This is indeed one of the best scenes in the American Pie series where Jim spies through the Internet with a web-cam on frisky, busty Czech exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) as she undresses and then views his girlie magazines, masturbating herself while he enters his room. Although she was prepared to have sex with Jim, he prematurely ejaculated twice and became humiliated – especially since a web-cam was broadcasting everything to the entire school.


8. American Pie (1999)

American Pie is about a sex-obsessed, awkward, coming-of-age high school senior named Jim Levenstein and his sexual misadventures (Jason Biggs). In the opening scene, he masturbates himself with a long athletic sock while watching scrambled porn on pay-TV, but was caught by his parents. They were shocked by the dialogue they were hearing from the TV: “Baby! Ride me like a pony!” and “Oh, spank my hairy ass!”. American Pie will always be the crown jewel among movies with funny sex scenes, this movie has indeed established itself as the father of teen sex comedies.

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