Are Geoffrey and Varya From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

April 25, 2020
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One of the most controversial couples in ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ is Varya and Geoffrey. However, most of the controversy is regarding Geoffrey’s shady past. He was once incarcerated and had spent some time in prison for drug dealing. Moreover, there are claims that he was in an abusive relationship.

On the other hand, certain fans have speculated that Varya is showing affection for Geoffrey only because she wants a free pass to America. In spite of the tension between the pair, we cannot help but marvel at the couple’s sizzling chemistry. So, how did they (or did not) tackle their issues? And are they still together currently? Let’s find out.

Geoffrey and Varya 90 Day Fiance Journey

41-year-old Geoffrey Paschel is from Tennessee and 30-year-old Varya resides in Russia. According to TLC, Geoffrey has a tragic past — he is still getting over his divorce and he also lost his 13-year-old son in 2018. Geoffrey tells in the show that he is a landlord. Varya Malina works as a DJ for Radio Europa Plus and she is also a wedding planner. The two obviously met online, after which Geoffrey decided to visit her in Russia.

The strange thing about Geoffrey is, in the show, he says he has had two marriages. But the thing is, he has been in four divorces and he is engaged in a custody battle with his fourth ex-wife. The last wife filed a case of domestic abuse against him and went away to her native place in Canada, accompanied by her kid. Even the third wife had apparently submitted affidavits citing domestic abuse. She went on to accuse him of selling drugs and said that he involved the children also in the process.

But the story does not end here. Geoffrey’s second wife was imprisoned for neglecting her kids and for being involved in drug crimes in 2004. The kids are currently with Geoffrey and the mum is allowed only supervised visits. Even she had accused him of physical abuse. There’s also a legal case against him, lodged by one of his ex-girlfriends, claiming that he had violently assaulted her.

Well, none of the above details are explored explicitly in the series. And despite viewers filing a petition on, asking TLC to remove Geoffrey from the show, he is still featured in the episodes. Of course, after he meets Varya, things slowly begin to resurface. Varya is suspicious about why he is not clear about his past or his ex-wives. Even her parents are worried about their future together. So, does Varya ignore all the warning signs and stay with him after all? Read on.

Are Varya and Geoffrey Still Together?

First of all, TLC does not allow its cast to post details about their relationship statuses until the show has finished airing its finale. However, a bit of sleuthing around their social media profiles did give us some clues. In March 2020, Varya posted a picture of the two when they met for the first time. She wrote a lengthy caption that describes their first meeting. Check it out below:

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Our first meeting PART 1: Each of us had been waiting for this moment for 5 months; this is how long our online communication lasted. Of course, we discussed how this will happen: what the first kiss will be like or whether there would be one at all. I told myself that I didn’t want to make a plan and simply suggested letting go of my thoughts and succumbing to momentary emotions. And so it happened. Who knew that along with the joy of a long-awaited meeting, both of us would be covered with a feeling of awkwardness and shyness. Only then did I realize that we both felt the same way. He had an extremely difficult time parting with his ex-wife and I barely survived the break with the ex-boyfriend. Knowing what a broken heart is, you are trying in every possible way to protect yourself from the repetition of these experiences. Therefore, we both took a step back and carefully watched each other's reaction. Since we were both waiting on the other, it looked as though it was some sort of rejection. My deep knowledge of English helped to ease the tension a bit, you probably remember this confusion with “make out” and “go out”. It was then when we approached each other to take the first joint selfie. I sent this photo to my girls and mother because they were worried and burned with impatience to find out how the meeting went! And then there was a long drive from the airport to the hotel. But all the ease vanished as soon as we began to drive up to the hotel and I realized that the time had come to say, “I’m not staying with you tonight”. Geoffrey obviously did not agree, for some reason, which I understood later. However, for me, to go to bed with a man who I physically have known only a few hours was not in my plans. If you liked the post and want to hear the continuation, let me know by❤ and comment.

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However, this does not mean that the couple is still together as it is just a throwback post. They do follow each other on Instagram and may still be good friends. But we highly doubt that they are still in a relationship.

Again, in April 2020, Varya posted another photo of the two with a cryptic message. She cites an example of the fairytale about ‘The Frog Princess’ and says that given a choice, she would any day move from the swamps to the palace. However, she wraps up the caption stating that this tale might not (or might) have worked in her real life. She does not reveal anything here either.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that in a past life I was a frog Buddhist who was promoted for good behavior. And after reincarnation, I became a pretty person. The remnants of green circles under the eyes remind me of this past life, but only when I do not get enough sleep. To open the secret of my past, I was helped by the Russian folk tale: “The Frog Princess”. In short, this story is about how not the most accurate shooter (quick-shot) married a cold-blooded creature. Even in these days, it often happens. But this fairy tale has a happy ending, because the main character was patient. A couple of nights with a toad and, bang, it turns into a stunning beauty, and even helps you to rise above the crowd. Well, is she not an perfect wife? It was this fairy tale I remembered on that sunny day when Geoffrey, instead of making out, furrowed his brows. It’s actually not a fairy tale at all; it’s my biography! And if, in a past life, I was able to build family happiness with slimy green legs and move from the swamp to a palace, I would do it. Having 2 hands and a warm heart in this life, it won’t be difficult to provide comfort in the house and get the damn green card. I can’t say if this story worked out in my current life, but I want to ask you something. What fairy tale could be compared to your life?

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As for Geoffrey, there are absolutely no hints on his Insta handle. We strongly believe that the couple is not together. Although they are depicted to have a strong chemistry in the show, the trust issues are just too much for a healthy relationship. And considering Geoffrey’s alleged shady past, it might be a good decision for Varya after all.

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