Geoffrey and Varya: Update and Spoilers

May 16, 2020
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Most couples who appear on ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ seem genuinely in love with each other and are just looking for the slight push that can make them take their relationship all the way, but some make it seem like they’re only on it for money, fame, or a free pass to America. Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship on the most recent season of the show was the perfect blend of both, making them one of the most controversial and intriguing couples.

Geoffrey and Varya: 90 Day Fiance Update

41-year-old Geoffrey Paschel from Tennessee met the 30-year-old Varya Malina from Russia online, and there they started a love-filled relationship. Initially, it seemed like Varya was in the relationship because she wanted an easy entry to America, but as the show progressed, we got to see just how sizzling their chemistry and connection really was.

While Varya has lived a straight forward life as a radio host, Geoffrey has a sketchy past, including being incarcerated for drug dealing and having a long history of domestic violence. The Tennessee native actually had not told his girlfriend the entire truth about his past till he was in Russia and had met her because he was worried that it would scare him away.

During there time together, more red flags began to show up as Geoffrey threw tantrums and fought with her whenever he didn’t get his way. In the last episode, though, things seemed to reach the boiling point for him. When he got down on one knee and proposed to Varya, she told him that although she loves him and thinks that he is an amazing man, she wants to take it slow. She basically told him that she’d marry him, just not yet.

But Geoffrey didn’t take it well, he started having an attitude towards her and was passive-aggressive whenever they were having a conversation, if you can call it that. It seemed like he was trying to manipulate her into saying yes, and when Varya didn’t budge, he broke up with her. Later on, at the airport, he even went as far as to say that he wasn’t willing to wait; it was either now or never. He told her he would move on without her in his life and stormed off.

So, is their relationship really over, or did they think of what happened as a small bump on their way to happily ever after and patch up?

Geoffrey and Varya: Spoilers

While contractual obligations with TLC forbid them from revealing their relationship status, it seems like Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship is over for good. After the last episode aired, Geoffrey took to Instagram to reflect on his life and his relationship, the caption of the post included, “Not only was I in a foreign country, but the whole relationship in an instant became foreign.”

He even added that “I took a chance on love; I put it all on the table. I was hurt in a way that is hard to process. Logic tells me that I cannot be mad at the other person—the person I love. Varya is a fantastic woman & I had to emotionally force myself away from her for my own sanity.”

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My dogs are my heart & soul (next to my kids of course). Two massive rocks that always seem to ground me. No matter if I’m sad, upset, happy, excited, anxious, or just bored, their responses are always genuine. . While watching the show last night, I relived the experience. I recalled that painful moment when I just wanted to quickly get out of Russia & back home. Not only was I in a foreign country, but the whole relationship in an instant became foreign. As I’ve said, this experience wasn’t acting; this was real. I dwelled on this moment until I had to leave. I took a chance on love; I put it all on the table. I was hurt in a way that is hard to process. Logic tells me that I cannot be mad at the other person—the person I love. Varya is a fantastic woman & I had to emotionally force myself away from her for my own sanity. . Before I planted this cantaloupe, I asked nature & my dogs not to destroy it. I took this chance knowing the possibilities. This isn't much different than when I handed my heart over w/the hopes it would be preserved. I’m someone who will always take a chance—it is ingrained in me. I cannot blame nature or my dogs for doing what they know, so why would I blame Varya for what she feels is natural? I wanted so bad for my plant to flourish, but I emotionally checked out when my life took a turn. We had one chance as we had spoken about to each other. Could it have been cultural miscommunication—definitely! However, I’ve had time to realize that even the smallest of plants can weather the storms & can come back to take over the whole garden. I’ve grown more as a person & continue looking forward to either plant new roots or see if the original ones will bloom again. . We can choose to become strong through failure. Life teaches us to be emotionally & physically resilient to heartache, happiness, sadness, & pain but the only way to do so is to go through these things. Wisdom is a hard pill to swallow, but I’ll have it no other way. I’ve had many lessons in my life that pertain to all these emotions & struggles, yet I am resolved to stay strong & facing many more. When have you taken a chance & gotten hurt? Was it worth it? Regrets?

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Even Varya talks about the pivotal moments in their relationship when she uploads throwback or behind the scenes photos from the show. While some of them are of just her alone, she does upload photos with Geoffrey too. And although the don’t follow each other on Instagram and have seemingly cut off communications, it looks like they knew that what they had was special while it lasted and don’t want to erase it from their respective lives.

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Your favorite rubric «Behind the scenes». . When they distributed grace, I stood in line…for the bus. One could say I stood in the line for the brains? No; For the boobs? No; For the long legs? Dammit, no again. Therefore, yes, in line for the bus. There are clumsy people, and then there is me. Me: absurdly clumsy, stumble into something and then I break it. I always have a couple of fresh bruises and abrasions to which I tell I had participated in terrible battles. Why am I telling you all this? Let's get back on that beautiful summer day when Geoffrey was denied for the first time in his life. After the failed engagement, he accepted words of support from the crew. I decided to keep myself busy with a good old-fashioned entertainment – throwing stones in the river. There were no stones, but plenty of pinecones. I threw them as far as possible into the water. Soon it became boring, and then a "brilliant" idea came to my mind. What if I toss a pinecone up and kick it with all my might? Surely it will fly even further. I tossed, kicked-and, the pinecone flew far, far into the water…but so did my sneaker. A second pause. And my wild cry: "Heeeeeeeelp me!!!». . My shoe was like a high-speed destroyer rushing to attack-so fast the current carried it away. Our producer @shawnmichaels42 was the first who got to the site of the incident. He took off his shoes and was ready to jump into the water, despite the fear of being eaten by a Russian bear (Americans love stories about Russian bears). But fortunately, there was no need to dive, because fast on his feet Geoffrey used his cleverness and ingenuity. Somewhere he procured a giant branch (which looked more like a tree trunk), and handed it down to Shawn. At this time on the shore. I woke up from shock and again screamed: “What the hell are you doing? Record it on the phone!” One of the operators managed to get a camera … just as Shawn fished my shoe out of the water. Joy knew no bounds. The shoe was saved. And I rushed to thank my savior with the words: “Thank you, Shawn, you are my knife! In a shining armor. " And Shawn turned to Geoffrey and said with a smile: “See, I am her knife” 😆

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Camping in Russia. Behind the scenes. In Siberia, mosquitoes are the size of a fist and, if desired, they together can carry a frail newborn. I even told these stories to Geoffrey—trying to dissuade from camping. But this was obviously in vain. We went to the middle of nowhere and, for 2 days, I lost hot water and a toilet. I think it’s no secret to anyone that Igor became a real highlight of these shooting days. This big and strong as a bear, Russian, was a real soul of the company. Igor has several super abilities: he can skillfully joke in sign language and facial expressions and, with only the use of his mind, can force you to drink vodka with him. By the way, the account of this superman is @boldyrev5684 and something tells me that we will see him on 90 day fiancé the other way. So, Igor hadn’t seen Geoffrey for so long that he was eager to finish the shoot and finally talk in an informal setting. Therefore, he did everything possible to sabotage the filming process and tried to give the producer a drink. We must pay tribute to @shawnmichaels42 twice smaller and thinner than Igor kept himself, like a real hero, and politely dodged each poured glass of vodka. Fortunately, moving from one city to another was so tiring that we didn’t shoot until late at night as usual, but finished early to try all the dishes prepared by Igor in the fresh air. And of course to party like wild Russians. This is where the heat started! Cultural exchanges showed that the Americans invented the atomic bomb in vain. Russians could be dealt with «s’mores». I myself know that it’s hard to survive after such a carbohydrate stroke. In turn, we showed the Yankees which appetizer, according to the periodic table, is best combined with a traditional Russian drink. Well, the culmination of the evening was my favorite drunken fun – jumping over a big fire. By the way, did you know that eyelash extensions curl and stick together when they melt? I know now! Referring Back to the mosquitoes, my warning went unheeded to Geoffrey. The next morning, having lost his vigilance he was bitten by a mosquito in the most vulnerable spot. In his man’s part. It’s a wild Siberia babe!

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In other news, it also turns out that Geoffrey still has pending charges against him that he never came clean about; therefore, rumors claimed that TLC banned him from the Tell-All reunion taping of the show. And, from the leaked footage, you can clearly notice his absence among the cast members. All in all, from all that we have seen and come to know, it seems like Varya dodged a bullet when she refused to marry him.

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