Biography: George Zakarian

Real Name: Geoffrey Zakarian

Occupation: Iron Chef, Restaurateur, Television Personality, Author.

Date of Birth:  July 25, 1959

How Old is Geoffrey Zakarian:  58 years

Birth Place: Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

How Tall is Geoffrey Zakarian: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight:   72 kgs

Nationality: American, Armenian

Family: George Zakarian (Father); Viola Zakarian (Mother); George H. Zakarian  Jr. (Brother); Cynthia Zakarian (Sister).

Wife: Margaret Anne Williams (2005); Heather Karaman (1994-2004).

Children: George Harris Zakarian (Son); Madeline Zakarian (Daughter); Anna Zakarian (Daughter).


Geoffrey Zakarian Facts:

One thing you won’t have thought about Geoffrey is that in the event that he hadn’t turned into a gourmet expert, he may have been a professional piano player.

He is a celebrated TV character and creator. He is the official culinary expert of a few eateries in New York City, Atlantic City, and Miami.

Zakarian petitioned for individual chapter 11 in light of a legal claim against him by his previous workers in the spring of 2011.

His style is portrayed as “present day” with establishes in French cooking, or as he depicts, “dynamic American.” Zakarian possessed two eateries, Town and Country, both of which are in Manhattan. They have been evaluated with 3 stars by The New York Times.

He started his culinary vocation with a partner degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

In 1996, he was contracted to direct Old Navy’s disastrous coffeehouse and espresso truck division with David Brody of Z100 WHTZ.

Outside the watery world, the Zakarians have been as one for longer than 10 years.


Geoffrey Zakarian Quotes:

“How you treat the quiet, shy types is the most important. If you leave them to sit in a corner, they will be noticed, and it will affect everyone’s time. I instantly spring on them and treat them as royalty, showing them around and introducing them to everyone so they seem special.”

“I love hospitality, and I love cooking. The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself.”

“When you have a chef that wants to be in the spotlight, maybe after one or two appearances on a show, they think they’re at a certain level that they haven’t reached yet in the kitchen. Shows like ‘Top Chef’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ have helped bring attention to the culinary world.”

“Cooking a piece of fish and cooking it right. Knowing the fish, knowing the properties of the fish. That’s a hard thing to do rather than covering it with a lot of sauces and foams or other cooking methods that might be high wire acts and look good on the outside.”

“When I entertain, I want to have fun. But I’m also a control person. I don’t go in for those everyone-in-the-kitchen cooking scenes. So if I want to be with my guests, I have to do everything – or nearly everything – in advance.”

“I still have the ‘New York Post’ delivered because it’s so garrulous and nasty and wonderful when you read it in print. Some things just don’t translate online.”


Geoffrey Zakarian Filmography:

Beat Bobby Flay (2014-2018)

The Doctors (2018)

Megyn Kelly Today (2017)

Chopped (2009-2017)

Cooks vs. Cons (2016-2017)

Chopped Junior (2015-2017)

Chopped After Hours (2014-2016)

Rewrapped (2014)


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