Biography: Gina Rodriguez

Real Name: Gina Alexis Rodriguez

Occupation: Actress

Date of Birth: 30 July 1984

How Old is Gina Rodriguez: 33 years

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States

How Tall is Gina Rodriguez: 5 feet 3½ inches (1.61 m)

Weight: 128 lbs

Nationality: American

Family: Gina Rodriguez’ parents are Magali Rodriguez and Genaro Rodriguez. She is the youngest daughter and her two siblings are Ivelisse Rodriguez Simon and Rebecca Rodriguez.

Boyfriend: She is currently dating actor Joe LoCicero.

Gina Rodriguez Facts:

Gina Rodriguez was born in Chicago, Illinois on 30 July 1984 to Puerto Rican parents.

She was brought up as a Catholic and graduated high school from St. Ignatius College Prep.

She was one of the thirteen teenagers that were accepted into Columbia University’s Theatrical Collaboration at the age of 16.

In 2011, she was nominated for the Imagen Awards, for the role she played in the musical film, Go for it!

Rodriguez was declared as a new member of the HSF’s (Hispanic Scholarship Fund) Board of Directors in 2015.

She is a great philanthropist and has already established connections with CustomInk and Naja Lingerie to show her involvement in charities and altruistic activities.

Gina Rodriguez Quotes:

“Every role that I’ve chosen has been ones that I think are going to push forward the idea of my culture, of women, of beauty, my idea of liberating young girls of feeling that they have to look at a specific beauty type.”

“We live in an industry where the desire to be something that you’re not sells. But why can’t we make the desire to be what you are sell? Why can’t we make that profitable?”

“I am not going to take a role because there’s money. It might extend my checkbook but not my integrity.”

“Get an education. The one thing that nobody can take away from you is your education. I’m here, I’m present, I’m a contributor to society, I deserve to be part of this conversation, I have an opinion, listen to me roar.”

“I am not defined by the fact that my parents speak Spanish or that my skin color is brown. I’m defined by my character, and my character is a strong woman that’s independent, that’s following her dreams, that wants love, that wants a family, that wants to succeed just like anybody else in this world.”

“Now I can talk to more girls and tell them that any skin color, any economic background, any shape they were born into is perfect and right and strong and beautiful and enough because I’m sitting here, not the stereotype.”

“This industry is all about work, and just because Sundance exposed me to the world, it is my job to stay deserving in that world. The work never ends; the hustle just get harder, and you get stronger!”

Gina Rodriguez Filmography:


  • Calling It Quits – 2008
  • Osvaldo’s – 2009
  • Our Family Wedding – 2010
  • Little Spoon – 2010
  • Go for It! – 2011
  • Filly Brown – 2012
  • California Winter – 2012
  • Interstate – 2013
  • Enter the Dangerous Mind – 2013
  • The Price We Pay – 2013
  • Sleeping with the Fishes – 2013
  • Una Y Otra Y Otra Ve – 2013
  • Since I Laid Eyes – 2014
  • C’est Jane – 2014
  • Sticky Notes – 2016
  • Deepwater Horizon – 2016
  • The Star – 2017
  • Ferdinand – 2017
  • Annihilation – 2018
  • Smallfoot – 2018
  • Sharon 1.2.3. – TBA


  • Law & Order – 2004
  • Jonny Zero – 2005
  • Law & Order – 2008
  • Eleventh Hour – 2009
  • 10 Things I Hate About You – 2010
  • Army Wives – 2010
  • Happy Endings – 2011
  • No Names – 2012
  • Longmire – 2013
  • Wild Blue – 2014
  • Lip Sync Battle – 2016
  • Carmen Sandiego – 2019

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