God Eater Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

The God Eater Anime series is the adaptation of the god eater’s video game. The series began airing on 12th July 2015. It has been animated by Ufotable and directed by Takayuki Hirao. The first season was aired a week later than the date it was supposed to, due to problems in the production unit. Four extra episodes of the show were also aired. The series was a hit amongst the audience and was voted as one of the most hilarious anime of all times. The second season is being widely anticipated. The series was voted as the most humorous anime of the year. Fans will be hoping for its next instalment to be renewed soon so they can double down with laughter once again and have some good times.

God Eater Plot:

In the year 2071, the human existence has been pushed to the brink due to the emergence of “Aragami”, man-eating monsters that have immunity from the common weaponry. They have destroyed most of the world, consuming anything in their path. To save humanity, an organization named “Fenrir” has been made. They use “God eaters”, who are special human with oracle cells that allows them to use the “god arc”, the only known weapon to terminate these man-eating monsters. Originally, the god eaters could keep only one form of god arc- blade or gun. But a new type had been recently discovered, that can switch between both the weapons. They are known as New-Type.

Lenka Utsugi is one such god eater, with a New-Type god arch that allows him to use it in both forms-blades as well as a gun. He is not only a special god eater but also the most important one. He should master his god arc if he wants to save humanity. With the god eaters being born speedily, and the humanity diminishing at the same rate, the god eaters need to act fast. How will this race end? Will balance ever be restored in the world? Watch it and find out how the events unfold.

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God Eater Characters:

Lenka Utsugi: He is the main protagonist of the anime. He is a very kind person whose aim is to protect others and destroy the Aragami, even if he has to die in the process.  He is obsessed with the completion of the Aegis project, which he feels will save the ones on the outside wall. He is a boy who desires to regain the free world by defeating all traces of Aragami. While his desire is strongly passionate, he at times lack cooperation with the others. From where he is enlisted to the Far East Branch as a rookie God Eater and the story begins.

Lindow Amamiya: The legendary former head of the first unit of the Fenrir, Lindow was reported as MIA (missing in action) after having stumbled upon some top-secret information in the moon in the welkin mission. He is the first troop of the Far Eastern Branch. He has a long career ahead being a veteran God Eater. His personality does not match with the whole world, but he thinks that the safe return of comrade is more necessary than any other issue.

Alias llinichina Amiella: She represents a New-Type of God eaters. She has been transferred to the Far East Branch from the Fenrir Russian Branch. She has a pre-determined prejudice against Aragami since her parents were killed by one. Her prejudice comes to an end when she meets Shio. She is a rookie God Eater who comes from the Fenrir Russian branch. She is also a wielder of new kind of God Arc that has transformation mechanism. Her behaviour shows that she has huge pride.

Tsubaki Amamiya: Once a leader of good eaters, she is now retired, but acts as an instructor of the Fenrir Far East branch. She is not one of the key characters of the series now.

Soma Schicksal: Soma has been a participant in the combat from his early childhood and has sharp intuition that no other member has along with outstanding physical ability. He is occasionally called as “the Reaper” following his fighting style, so he has been maintaining a distance from all other members. He is God Eater veteran from the age of 18 years only and also a member of the 1st unit. He is the son of Aisha Gauche and Johannes Von Schicksal. He joined the travelling branch named Cradle along with Alisa, the Protagonist, and Lindow in the God Eater 2. He is lonely and aloof, and many other God Eaters try to ignore him due to a large number of casualties which seem to take place when he is around.

Sakuya Tachibana: She supports Lindow as a co-leader of the first troops of the Far Eastern branch, she is someone like a dependable older sister for all the other members of the troop.

Kota Fujiki: He is a rookie God Eater who is enlisted with Lenka at the same time. He is cheerful, and bright and also always have a positive outlook toward things. He has a strong feeling of caring for his friends and family. He is also worried about the family who resides in the residential area of the Far Eastern branch. He is one of the members of the 1st unit who later became its captain in God Eater 2. After a careful contemplation and understanding the consequences of some actions, he decides to join the rest of the God Eaters.

God Eater Season 2 Release Date:

According to some theories, Lenka will be the main protagonist in the second instalment of the show. The God Eater has been a successful anime series and season 2 is being widely anticipated by the fans all over the world. The anime project is quite large and production takes time, however, there has been no news about the second season from the Ufotable Studio. There have been many theories on the second season’s storyline as the first season’s finale episode was open edged. According to some speculations, it may arrive sometime in 2019. There has been no official date announcement regarding the second instalment despite the widespread and palpable anticipation on its many forums. We will be looking to update this section with the latest news regarding the next season. Stay tuned for details and an air date for season 2.

God Eater English Dubbed:

In the first season, all the dubbed episodes were released on the same day as the original ones. Despite the delay in the airing of some of the episodes, the dubbing was credited by the fans for being on point. The four extra episodes as well as the pre-trailer was dubbed perfectly and aired without any delays. Since the second season’s release date has not been announced, it is expected that the second season will follow the first season’s pattern of airing the dubbed episodes on the same day as the original ones. Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet are sites where you can watch the English dubbed episodes of this series.

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