The 20 Greatest TV Shows of the 21st Century

Unlike movies, TV shows become a part of our daily lives. I have always believed that TV shows are not just entertainment. They are deeper than that. To a certain extent, TV shows are the reflection of our society. With that said, let’s directly jump into the list of the 20 greatest TV shows that representing this 21st century so far.

Note: Only those shows were considered for this list that started in or after the year 2000.


20. Parks and Recreation


The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place. A political satire that has brilliance of Amy Poehler written all over it. Also, a launching pad for one of best comedians in business: Aziz Ansari.


19. Person of Interest


“Person of Interest” is the brainchild of Jonathan Nolan, the brother of director Christopher Nolan. A presumed-dead ex-CIA agent and a billionaire software genius try to stop crimes before they happen. They have the Machine, a mass-surveillance computer system that relays the identity of a person predicted to be the crime victim or perpetrator. It is a perfect show for all the science nerds out there.


18. Suits


Ever wondered what the lawyers do? In their offices made of glass, wearing suits, always busy. But what do they actually do? This show has the answer. All the characters are charismatic. Particularly Harvey Spector, with all his badass dialogues, is not only a great on-screen character, but he is also a mentor.


17. Firefly


Five hundred years in the future, a crew aboard a small spacecraft tries to survive while traveling the unknown parts of the galaxy. The special effects in this show are seamlessly integrated and beautifully detailed. The manner in which the show was presented — the hand-held cameras, the use of zooms, and the occasional off-focus effects — are very intriguing.


16. The Big Bang Theory


Four nerds who find quantum physics lot easier than talking to the hot neighbor. BBT is probably the only sitcom that a nerd can not only watch but also relate to. Sheldon Cooper is possibly the most famous, unique and adorable character on television. The show that made being nerd cool.