12 Best Movies of Halle Berry You Must See

Oscar Winner actress with several Golden Globe nominations to her name, Halle Berry is an actress that has transcended time when it comes to making her mark in Hollywood. Whether it be sexy bikini shots in Die Another Day, deadly lightening storms in X-Men, or soulful acting in Cloud Atlas; she has done it all. We salute her and the hard work she invests behind her every role.

Here is the list of top 12 movies of Halle Berry which will make you believe that she might just be the best thing that has ever happened to the Silver Screen. Did we mention sexy?


12. Boomerang (1992)

Let’s start with an old one shall we? Marcus (Eddie Murphy) is an advertising executive who is successful at day and a womanizer at night. Everything was going his way until his new boss Jacqueline (Robin Givens) came in and spoiled his plan of breaking women’s hearts. After their breakup, he is distraught and doesn’t know what to do. In comes our lady of the hour Angela (Halle Berry) who makes him realize that he didn’t actually love Jacqueline. She makes him realize the true meaning of love and sweeps him off his feet. Smooth right? A happy end indeed.


11. Frankie & Alice (2010)

Based on a true story about a go-go dancer that suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Frankie & Alice is set in the 1970s. It tells the story of Frankie (Halle Berry), a black female dancer who doesn’t know she suffers from a terrible ailment. When the other personality cracks open the head of a man she takes home one night, Frankie realizes that something might be going on. This is a story about a woman who struggles to face the demons of her past and present. With professional help she comes out of the darkness and embraces the pains of her life to move on.


10. Catwoman (2004)

This is the story of Patience Phillips whose sole purpose in life is to hide behind her shyness and never talk to anybody but herself. A freak incident gives her abilities resembling a cat. A new persona is imbibed in her which has all the characteristics of a cat- speed, agility, and ultra-keen senses- which she had aspired to have all her life. She doesn’t want to use these abilities as a superheroine, but fate has other plans. When a huge corporate controversy is unveiled in her company, she has to choose whether to hide in the shadows or rise to the mantle of Catwoman. Watch it for the sexy costumes if nothing else.


9. Swordfish (2001)

Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is fresh out of prison and is struggling to bring back his life on track. He is a convicted hacker, juggling between his day job and trying to make up the lost years with his young daughter. A criminal organization called Black Cell approaches him with an opportunity of a lifetime. Its leader Gabriel Shear (John Travolta) and his mysterious girlfriend Ginger (Halle Berry) are bent on recruiting him for a job to hack the DEA’s vault. Ginger entices Stanley with her beauty and shows him the world he has been missing for so long. Will he fall to her charms?


8. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

In the long standing war between mutants and humans, two not one breakthrough come to surface. First, a cure for the apparent mutant disease is developed and publicized using a unique mutant kid. Second, the infamous Dark Phoenix (Famke Janssen) breaks free from the control of Jean Grey to take her revenge on the world. She kills many who come in her way including Professor Xavier. It’s in the hands of few surviving mutants including Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) to stop the impending doom. The end will make you cry for sure.


7. X-Men: 2 (2003)

Speaking of mutants, this one has got plenty. You might not believe this but a guy uses Magneto -usually it’s the other way around- to get to Professor Xavier. And it’s none other than Colonel William Stryker. You know the guy who ‘made’ Wolverine. As if that was not enough a threat is boiling up inside Jean; something that could incinerate entire human and mutant community if gotten free. In the meantime, Stryker is using Professor to kill all of the human race through his powerful mind. What timing, right? I’m sure Wolverine is around somewhere.

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