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Hawaii Life Season 14: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

February 20, 2019
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Although it may seem like a very niche genre aimed particularly at the suburban housewives’ demographic, home improvement shows have, in fact, been a staple for reality TV since the earliest days of serialized TV broadcasting in the US. It particularly took a rise in popularity in the mid-’70s, where the genre became more pronounced towards home-spotting rather than home renovation as such. Nearing the turn of the century, the much-dreaded housing bubble crash happened and took the world by a storm. Looking back at the sudden and massive impact it wrought, in retrospect, it seems incredible in how the home improvement scene on TV has made a comeback today – merged with the renewed popular interest in real estate. One of the biggest manifestations of this phenomenon can be found as a common thread in the HGTV showreel in recent years. It is true on all accounts that HGTV has been one of the very few Discovery Inc. subsidiaries not to have undergone any major rebranding or rearrangement in the core theme of their regular programming – not once in 20 years (which is astounding given that many of Discovery’s attempts to build up another home improvement-oriented subsidiary, all of which came after HGTV, have never been on par with HGTV in terms of success and popularity; a classic example is the channel initially known as Discovery Travel and Living, which underwent several major rebranding ordeals – first as Planet Green and then as Destination America).

Even so, this shift of tune in many HGTV shows to be more accommodating of real estate-flexing in the guise of home-hunting has become palpable. This has developed into a formulaic genre, and the sheer number of similar-looking shows it has spawned so far is astounding, making it one of the most reliable and prolific money-maker for the network. The genre we speak of is, of course, the ilk and school of ‘Hawaii Life.’ The basic premise is that American couples go searching for a holiday estate in exotic locations – often in the eastern islands, as the theme of holiday cruising runs like a refrain on the background. Change the locale, and you have a brand-new show which can use exactly the same core structure – Caribbean Life, Bahamas Life, you name it. However, Hawaii Life has been even more prolific than the average mileage these shows can provide, already having dished out 13 seasons.

Hawaii Life Season 14 Cast: Who’s in it?

Throughout 13 seasons, the show has exhibited no presence of anything close to an ensemble cast. While this is obvious given the documentary-oriented nature of the show, it also discards a third-person narrator altogether, and thus the focus falls completely on the house-hunters who appear in one-off roles as themselves in an episode. In 2015, Kennedy King and Susan King were featured in an episode, both of whom are well-known actresses in the locale, with a number of theatrical productions to their name. But they are the rare exception, and the show features ordinary people in general – which makes the cast of Hawaii Life difficult to predict, if not impossible.

Hawaii Life Season 14 Plot: What is it about?

As far as show structure goes, Hawaii Life is somewhat predictable as to where episodes will lead. However, novelty and technical innovation are not aspects that the show attempts to harp upon. Like many of its near-identical sister shows, Hawaii Life only aims to cover a dramatized account of generic house-hunting as seen in its genre – where each episode features a couple or a family or a group of friends looking to settle somewhere in Hawaii. The characters and their caveats and needs are often unique and dissimilar, but the common goal they all have at the beginning of the episode is to find the perfect home and lot to buy – be it a seaside holiday resort, or a standard terraced home for a permanent vacation. The thirteen seasons have seen not a single deviation from this core structure, and we expect season 14 to bring the same dose – if not more – of exquisite natural vista, more insight about the real estate industry of Hawaii, and the antics of the house-hunters.

Hawaii Life Season 14 Release date: When will it premiere?

Hawaii Life is a prolific show with an active release schedule, and we expect another season to drop by December 2019 at the least. However, since the show has not been officially renewed yet, no official disclosures have been made about the air dates. Stay tuned for updates on the show!

Hawaii Life Season 14 Trailer

Since there has yet been no official confirmation or updates on the renewal status of the show, season 14 has not materialized in any major sense yet. It is unknown whether filming or production has begun in any capacity, but so far we are left with no promotional content (such as trailers or teasers) exclusively for another tentative season. Fans may have to play the waiting game for the confirmation of season 14, which will hopefully come soon, and to watch reruns of the show. If you are looking to dig into the show for the first time, you will also have thirteen seasons’ worth of material to burn through, and you can get a head start by getting a sneak peek from the latest season here on HGTV Canada’s official site!

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