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Hidden Potential Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Host, Recap, Update

Updated August 6, 2019
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‘Hidden Potential’ is an HGTV reality show that revolves around making suburban homes unique in their own way. The series first premiered on May 15, 2018.

With celebrities from all fields joining into the scene, real estate has become something beyond a commercial sector. It is an invariable part of showbiz in the current decade – a phenomenon which would have been unprecedented some decades ago, when the sector was still attempting to recover from the crushing disaster of the housing bubble crash. As the case might have been, the point is that every pop culture phenomenon leaves its impression on the television canon of that decade, and thus real estate is now very much a part of primetime TV in the form of reality shows.

Even though judging by numbers and money, the pseudo-unscripted Z-listed celebrity shows, championed by the many posh gated community shows in Bravo, with their dramatically flamboyant ensemble casts, still dominate the reality TV as a collective genre, HGTV’s recent successful roster has featured a host of shows about resorts and residences – take for example ‘Log Cabin Living’, ‘Flip or Flop‘, ‘Home Town‘, and ‘Moutain Life’. A 2018 addition to this roster had been by far one of the most conceptually compact ventures from HGTV in recent years. The show, like most other shows of its ilk, can be boiled down to a before-and-after slideshow of home renovations, but it has a consistent and defined goal set out by the host, to make the American suburban landscape less uniform in their housing architecture.

Hidden Potential Cast: Who is in it?

‘Hidden Potential’ has been created by California-based housing and interior designer Jasmine Roth, and she also stars as the host of her show. Even though Roth is not as well-known as the other hosts in similar shows, she does have a couple of gigs to add to her experience board – including ‘Home and Family’, and ‘House to Home’, both of which started airing only recently after 2017. However, she has grown in fame in these two years alone, enough to land a guest appearance at ‘Today’, a daily broadcast and talk show. As the visionary behind the very roots of the show, she is indispensable for ‘Hidden Potential’, and there can be no season without her tapping into the hidden potentials of these homes.

Roth has her own company called Custom Built Homes, but she has confessed that she got into the business of home building as kind of an accident. One might even say, this was her hidden potential! Roth’s only previous experience was working in real estate to help pay for college, and occasionally reupholstering furniture, and helping her friends redo living rooms and patios. Soon she decided that building a house was where her heart lay and she quit her job to do it full time. She learned the ropes on the fly, from the team of workmen she hired. She says, “I had to humble myself to say, ‘look, I know nothing about this,’ and show them I’m genuinely interested in what they do. At first, I think they were like, ‘why is this girl on this job site? And why does she not know anything?'” Eventually, she started a hashtag #beachbuilds which is how the makers of the show approached her, and the rest is history.

Hidden Potential Plot: What is it about?

The basic premise of ‘Hidden Potential’ is the fact that from a panoramic perspective, nearly all the houses lined along a suburban street looks identical, and in ‘Hidden Potential’, Jasmine Roth poses the question whether the case is the same with the interior look of these houses, and how she can change this uniform monotony into a diverse scene where every house varies in some way from the next,  with its unique touch that gives it personality.

In ‘Hidden Potential’, Jasmine Roth takes up one of these houses apiece in each episode, and then determines how to give this house a custom twist to add that extra bit of personality – both inside and outside – so that it looks anything but cookie-cutter. The reason the show is so successful is that Roth runs it like she runs her company. She tries to get to know the families she is working for at a personal level. Then she works with the construction team to decide how to change things up within the house, right down to the bedding that is to be used, in order to lend a truly unique touch.

In the second season, we see Roth return once again to help the houses on Huntington Beach get a shot of personality. Before the start of second season, Roth had promised to play up the hidden aspect of their ‘Hidden Potential’ title. Jasmine elaborates on this, in case you were wondering what it means. She says, “The main thing people were really drawn to in season one was anything hidden, like a hidden speakeasy we did, where a bookcase turned into a door, and behind that door was this really awesome speakeasy. When you were a kid, you dreamed of having a secret passageway or a hidden room. Why not have your house be fun and playful and happy as an adult?”

So, did she meet her promise? Well, we will leave that decision for you to make. What we know is that she will continue impressing us with her home improvement skills even in the next season.

Hidden Potential Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Hidden Potential’ Season 2 premiered on June 3, 2019. As far as the next season goes, we haven’t heard from HGTV yet. Though knowing the network’s history of keeping a show on for several seasons, it is very likely that ‘Hidden Potential’ will be renewed. If that does happen, ‘Hidden Potential’ Season 3 can premiere sometime in June, 2020.

Hidden Potential Trailer:

We don’t have a trailer but you can check out the clip from ‘Hidden Potential’ below. If you have not seen the series but want to live in a house that is unique, you should definitely follow this series, and also be sure to follow Jasmine Roth on Instagram, where she shares a lot of her work.

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