Highschool of the Dead Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Highschool of the Dead is a Japanese manga series which is called as Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead in Japan. It is written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. It was first published in May 2013 by Fujimi Shobo. This is one of the most popular anime series in Japan and it has become a massive hit all around the globe. Nearly six years have passed since the first season aired and we still have no news of a second season. Whether the death of its writer will affect the series and terminate it indefinitely or another writer will be brought on board to finish off the anime is something only time will tell.

Highschool of the Dead Plot:

Takashi Komuro studies at Fujimi High School and one day he gets separated from his childhood friend Rei Miyamoto. They had made a pinky promise to marry each other but she breaks it due to his unmannered behaviour. Later, when he goes out to mope, he witnesses a zombie attacking his school teacher in front of the school. He goes to warn Rei and Hisashi about the incident. They escape together as the news of zombie attacks starts to spread in the school. Takashi is forced to kill Hisashi who gets bitten by Mr Wakisaka. Rei gets upset with Takashi for killing his boyfriend Hisashi. She even calls him jealous. Later, they try to leave to Takashi’s house to check on their family but they only find two survivors, one is a little girl and second is a dog. Takashi and Rei team up with other survivors on the bus but their corrupt teacher wants to lead the survivor’s group. They travelled through the city and took multiple turns to see if there are any survivors in order to pick them up and ensure their safety. They stopped at a mall, police station and finally found an elementary school which was secluded from the rest of the city and zombie invasion seemed highly unlikely at that place.

Kazumi suspected decay in the moral codes of the survivor’s community and eventually was proved right as the zombies attacked again. They try to flee from this situation but later on the bus gets filled up with zombies and crashes near the tunnel. They were losing their lives to a zombie apocalypse and Takashi was really worried about jeopardizing his and his sweetheart’s future together that he always wanted. He was not in a favour of interacting with a community of people at this hour of emergency because he had the doubt of societal collapse and backstabbing for personal benefits by others and he wanted to ensure his and Rei’s safety at any cost. He escapes with Rei to the city in a motorcycle. They survive many more zombie attacks and form a strong team of survivors. Takashi was constantly feared of losing his love in Rei and he wanted to secure her anyhow. He was desperately in need of a safe place that was devoid of zombies to make sure that all his childhood dreams of marrying Rei do become a reality at some point in their lives. In the end, Takashi and his group end up on an unknown island. They acquire the island as the zombies can’t cross the sea. The beach has no sign of a single human and they think they are safe. Finally finding a place that had no trace of zombies was like a dream and Takashi and other survivors were really happy and felt safe in that arena. Later at night, they get drugged by some gas emitting from the small hut and start hallucinating. Takashi dreams about Saeko confessing her feelings to him in his dream.

Due to all the unexplained things happening all over the Island with the community of survivors, they forcefully have to leave the remote island because zombies appear from a huge hole which is connected to the Tokonosu city. It is no more a peaceful spot to hide from the dead. They travel to other places and try to survive. Their battle still continues to fight with zombies. They are still on a never-ending adventure to find a peaceful place for them to survive.

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Highschool of the Dead Characters:

Among the characters that are at the center of Highschool of the Dead’s storyline include:

Takashi Komuro: He is a seventeen-year-old second-year student and the lead character of the series. He is always protective of his friends. Even though he doesn’t have good grades, he gets selected to become the leader of his peers. He delivers extraordinary capabilities of survival in hardest times and emerges as a hero in many breathtaking situations. He is in love with Rei Miyamoto and wants to marry her at some point in his life. He is very generous and courageous. Takashi puts his life in danger many times to safeguard Rei and his other friends. He proves to be a worthy and brave leader.

Rei Miyamoto: She is Takashi’s classmate. She has reddish-brown eyes and orange-brown hairs. She is dating Hisashi. Rei thinks that Takashi is jealous of Hisashi because she is dating him. She never openly confronts her feelings for Takashi but get very upset when Takashi interacts with other girls. This indicates and confirms her deep-seated affection for him which she so convincingly hides behind her jealousy.

Saeko Busujima: She has dark violet hairs and blue eyes. She is the third year student at Fujimi High School. She is highly skilled and a calm person but she can be ruthless when her enemy crosses her path. She has a crush on Takashi Komuro and confesses her feeling for him while being hallucinated at the Island.

Kohta Hirano: He is a 16-year-old overweight guy and a student at Fujimi High School. He looks wimpy but he is the former member of Delta force. He is often bullied for his weight.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Release Date:

Season one had ended with an additional episode with a hint that said, “to be continued” but Daisuke Satō, the writer of the series died in 2017, leaving the manga incomplete. Apart from that, the production house of the US-based Anime Network has made no comment on the second season of High School of the Dead. It has been six years since High School of the Dead Season 1 was aired. Fans are disappointed by some speculations that claim the anime has been cancelled. It is frustrating as well since it’s not every day that an anime series shows potential and becomes a favourite amongst the crowd. Some fan theories are of the opinion that the work on anime series has begun but its makers have not confirmed it and an air date hence, remain unknown.

Highschool of the Dead English Dubbing:

If you want the authentic dubbed version of the series, you can watch its dubbed and subbed episodes online on Anime-Planet.

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