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The Outcast Season 3: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

October 8, 2019
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‘Hitori no Shita’ is basically the story of a “Chinese Super Saiyan” who uses his martial arts skills to destroy evil zombies. There is a bit more to its plot but that pretty much sums it up. Now from an aesthetic standpoint, this Chinese anime is not at all enjoyable. Since it’s a zombie show, the only thing that can make it even remotely successful is either the involvement of fanservice, like ‘High School of the Dead‘, or it should have the hype that matches the level of an anime like ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress‘. ‘Hitori no Shita’ seems to have neither of the two and for the most part, its plot does not even make sense.

However, what’s good about the show is that it does have some unique never-seen-before characters who may come off as a little cringy in the beginning, but with time, they become more likable. The series also involves a little bit of comedy which will certainly not appeal to everyone. Though its animation quality is not up to the mark, the fight scenes are well choreographed and are entertaining to watch.

Overall, ‘Hitori no Shita’ is certainly not one of the best shows out there and is far from a masterpiece. Considering the fact that there are so many new shows coming out this season, I would only recommend this to those who have been following this franchise. But if you’re not too familiar with Chinese anime, this one should not be on your watch list as there are other better zombie anime shows that you can go for. If you’ve been following ‘Hitori no Shita’ all this while and you’re wondering if it will be renewed for a new season or not, then we’ve got some news for you in the next section.

Hitori no Shita Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Hitori no Shita’ Season 2 ONA premiered on Oct 27, 2017 and went on till May 18, 2018. Now according to reliable sources, season 3 is on the way. Initially, there were rumors that it would premiere by the end of 2019 but at this point of time, the most optimistic estimate of ‘Hitori no Shita’ Season 3 release date seems to be January, 2020.

Hitori no Shita English Dub:

The English dub of ‘Hitori no Shita’ is available on Crunchyroll.

Hitori no Shita Plot:

Cho Shoran had a fairly normal upbringing and just like any other kid his age, he lived a carefree life with no burdens of the future. But little did he know that a secret is being kept from him and that his grandfather has left something behind for him. While his grandfather was alive, he would try his best to give him a life that he never had and he would also often warn him to stay away from adventures or from anything that’s unusual. But after his death, everything changes and all the secrets that his grandfather was trying to conceal start to resurface.

Any normal person would be terrified by the sight of a girl trying to dig up a grave, but not Cho Shoran. While taking a harmless stroll in a graveyard one day, he hears a deafening scream and heads right towards it. As soon as he reaches the spot, he receives a strong blow on his head and finds himself inside a pit. He then comes across a very strange girl and what follows is their adventure against the forces of evil zombies.

Hitori no Shita Characters:

Zhang Chulan / Chō Soran

In the present events of the anime, Zhang Chulan is a college student who has inherited Kitaigen, a very powerful martial arts technique that utilizes Qi. All his life, in order to protect him, his grandfather never really revealed his family’s secrets to him. It was only after his death that he truly realized who his grandfather was. With a hunger to know more about him, Zhang tries his best to unravel every possible secret that he can from his Grandad’s history. And much later, he realizes that he is more of an Outsider who has only acquired his current status because of all the training that his grandfather gave him. When it comes to his appearance, he has distinctive grey eyes and medium-length black hair. He is quite muscular for his age and is usually seen with a blank expression on his face.

Feng Baobao / Fū Hōhō

Just like Zhang, Feng is also an Outsider who presently works for an express delivery company. Her past is completely unknown and though she has no formal martial arts training like Zhang, she is a pretty good fighter. She also keeps her knife with her but only takes it out when she’s in a very serious battle. During the entire span of the series, it has been hinted several times that Feng could somehow be related to Soran’s grandfather. If all the dots are connected, there is a possibility that Feng has been alive for more than a century now and only appears to be youthful. She has ghoulish appearance with pale skin and long black straight hair. She has big black eyes and usually wears a dull smile on her face.

Xu San / Jo San

Xu San is an employee at the Express Delivery Company which employs all Outsiders to make sure that they don’t cause any disruption in normal human societies. Jo San is also an Outsider who has the ability to manifest his Qi and use his supernatural abilities to control inanimate objects. He is a fairly tall man who sports a pair of rectangular glasses. He has short jet black hair and is usually seen with a black coat over a white shirt.

Xu Si / Jo Yon

Xu Si is Xu San’s younger brother who, just like him, works at the Express Delivery Company which is run by a fictional Chinese Government. His status in the company is the same as his brother and he is also an Outsider. He has white long hair and sports a rough stubble on his chin. He is usually seen with a brown baggy jacket over a dull white t-shirt.

Tuhouzi / Saru

Tuhouzi Saru is also an Outsider who is able to use his Qi to borrow holes underground. He then uses these holes to travel from one place to another. Like all the other outsiders, he also works at the Express Delivery Company.

Zhang Xilin / Chō Shakurin

Zhang Xilin is Cho Shoran’s grandfather who has mysterious connections with many other characters of the series. He is known to be one of the most influential figures in the world of Outsiders and is also a master of Qi. It is also suggested that he is one of the progenitors of the martial art form.

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