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When Will Holiday Wars Season 1 Premiere On Food Network?

November 30, 2019
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Holiday Wars is a reality cooking series that first premiered on November 25, 2018, on Food Network as a special episode. Later, the network commissioned a full season. The show features confectionary artists, who compete to create the most amazing dessert on a given holiday theme.

Food Network launched in 1993 and since then, it has given the audience a wide range of cooking shows. The channel’s programming is divided into two sections – daytime and primetime. The daytime block is dedicated to cooking classes and instructional cooking shows, where you can learn how to cook. On the other hand, the primetime block features food-related reality shows, travel shows, and cooking competitions. Holiday Wars is a part of the primetime block.

Over the years, the popularization of cooking shows has increased significantly. One of the first-ever popular cooking shows in the U.S. was launched in 1963, named ‘The French Chef’. It was hosted by Julia Child. Later in 2009, Meryl Streep played the character of the famous chef in one of her movies named ‘Julie & Julia’. The history of cooking shows since then has come a long way.

The reason why people love food-related shows is very simple. There isn’t a single person in the world doesn’t like food. Thus, a show on such a universal topic can never go wrong! People do not just learn new recipes but also enjoy the thrill of competitions. On the other hand, participants on shows like Holiday Wars, even get a chance to win huge cash prize.

While cooking shows are all over the place on the television, there are special cooking series that are based solely on the theme of holidays. The festive season is that time of the year, when you need to keep your oven on pre-heat all the time. It is the official season for cookies, cakes, gingerbread, pudding, and all other kinds of dessert. So, it does not take rocket science to figure out why people love holiday-themed cooking shows during such seasons. Food Network, while seeking the opportunity, has launched many holiday-themed shows, with Holiday Wars being one of its most recent additions in the list.

Who is the Host of Holiday Wars?

Jonathan D. Bennett is the host of Holiday Wars. Jonathan is a renowned American actor and model who has starred in movies like ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Cheaper by the Dozens’. He has also starred as a recurring actor in the mystery drama ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘All My Children’. Jonathan is also the current host of another Food Network’s series called ‘Halloween Wars’ and ‘Cake Wars’.

Shinmin Li, a talented cake chef and also the judge of Halloween Wars, is one of the judges of the show along with Jason Smith. Jason is a self-taught chef and an amazing baker, who was previously the winner of Food Network’s ‘Holiday Baking Championship’. He is also the judge of two other shows of Food Network called ‘Best Baker of America’ and ‘Worst Baker of America’. Jason inspires the audience to believe that you do not need to be a professional to be a great chef.

What is Holiday Wars About?

The show begins with five talented sugar and cake artists competing to create the best representation of a heist. The world’s naughtiest kids have stolen the famous ‘Naughty List’ of Santa Claus to ensure that now, everyone would get their presents. One team out of the four, who creates the least fun dessert, will go home at the end of the episode. The next episode is based on the theme of elves. Santa has to select his group of elves and the teams have to create a dessert piece that resembles this audition the most.

What does Santa do when it is not a festive season? Well, we might not know the exact answer to that, but we will definitely find out what our contestants think he does by creating dessert pieces dedicated to Santa’s off-season scene. The two teams with the best results will be competing in the finals. In the last episode of the season, the contestants will showcase the platonic rivalry between the elves and the reindeer, the two favorite workers of Santa. The winner of the show will be receiving a grand prize of $25000.

Holiday Wars Release Date: When does it premiere?

Holiday Wars first aired on November 25, 2018, as a special episode on Food Network.

Holiday Wars season 1 will premiere on December 1, 2019, and will consist of 4 episodes altogether. If you love baking and are in the holiday mood then this is the show for you.

Holiday Wars Trailer

Check out the clips and photos from Holiday Wars season 1 right here.

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