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Homicide City Season 3: Everything We Know

December 2, 2019
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Homicide City is a documentary drama series that first premiered on January 2, 2018 on Investigation Discovery. It is directed by Gregory Palmer, Steven Wesley Miller, David Lenger, and Greg Palmer.

Crime investigation and detective shows have been a long practiced genre in the television and movie industry. While fictional stories, sometimes based on true events, have been liked and watched by viewers since ages, true crime documentaries have gained its own popularity over last few years.

Investigation Discovery, over the decades, has come up with many shows that feature true crimes presented in an unscripted documentary style. Shows like ‘Homicide Hunter’ that premiered in 2011, ‘I Am Homicide’ (2017), and ‘Someone You Thought You Knew’ that premiered recently in 2018, are the examples of some shows that revolve around the same concept but are presented via different means.

Homicide City is one such shows that dives deep into the world of dark and unforgivable murders and give the audience a disturbing story of the country’s harsh reality. We will tell you all about the show’s season 3, but before that, let’s look into what the show is about.

Homicide City Cast

Zeus Cambell is the narrator of the show. The show does not have any fixed cast or host but stars different detectives to shed light on the internal details of a case. The show is unscripted and hence, the information shared by the detectives are as real as they can get.

Homicide City Plot: What is it about?

Homicide City season 1 features the dark crimes of Philadelphia. The season begins with the case of Patty and Richard Zimmerman, the jewelers who were found dead in their Society Hill Townhouse. At first, it seems like a case of robbery gone wrong, but as the detectives proceed further into the investigation, it is revealed that nothing is actually stolen and the homicide is indeed a well-planned cold-blooded murder with extremely sinister motives. Season 1 aired its final episode in March 2018. The case about a Russian American mortgage broker who was found dead at her home for no apparent reason. The case sent chills through the Russian American community of Philadelphia and the case gained world-wide attention.

Homicide City season 2 premiered on April 10, 2019, and the audiences were once again taken to the deep dark corners of Philadelphia. The season begins with a tragic and treacherous homicide of an 18-month-old baby, whose corpse is found lying in a park on the outskirts of the city. The first suspect that comes to everyone’s mind is the father but when he is found worrying and looking for his kid and her mother, the detectives realize that the case is much more horrific than it looks. The last episode of the season features the murder of a popular DJ, who’s found dead outside his radio station. On the outside, the homicide appears to be a case of a robbery that went bad but as soon as the investigation starts, it is clear that the murder was a well-orchestrated homicide.

Homicide City season 3 will be based in Charlotte. It is sure to consist of some baffling and tragic cases. You can also expect the detectives giving the audience a show full of minor and major details that they would have missed otherwise.

Homicide City Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Homicide City season 3 is all set to premiere on December 3, 2019 on Investigation Discovery. It is expected to last for 8 episodes.

Homicide City is not meant for the weak-hearted. Though the episodes are filmed in such a way that it will give an impression of fictional drama but, at the end, they are all true stories. The viewers are reminded of the darkness that underlies even in the most peaceful places and the inhuman side of an individual. On the other hand, if you are a crime-junkie and love captivating thriller, the show is just right for you. The stories will take you through real life happenings and will keep you wanting for more.

Homicide City Trailer

You can catch clips and previous episodes of Homicide City on show’s official webpage.

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