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Idiotsitter: Cancelled or Renewed?  

Updated August 25, 2018
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Idiot sitter is an American comedy show that has been released on Comedy Central’s CC: Studios in the form of a web series. The first season of the show aired on 26th February 2014 and consisted of six episodes. After the first season’s airing, it was picked up to be aired on television on the Comedy Central Channel on 14th January 2016. The show has been conceived and conceptualized by Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse, who also play the protagonists of the show, Gene Russell, and Billie Brown. After the finale of the first season, Idiotsitter was renewed for a sequel. The second season that was to feature the protagonists Bell and Newhouse in a college campus was initially of ten episodes of twenty-two minutes each, however, it was reduced to seven episodes. The shows the second season aired in a two-part marathon on two Saturdays of the month on the comedy central channel on 10th June 2017 and 17th June 2017. The show holds an average rating with an 88 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes and 68 out of 100 rating on Metacritic. Though the show received an average response, the acting was highly credited.

Idiotsitter Season 3 Cast: Who’s in it?

Jillian Bell, who is also the writer of the series and is known for her role in Workaholics, will be seen playing the protagonist Genevieve “Gene” Russell, a spoiled women who lives in her father’s mansion and is under house arrest. Joining her is Charlotte Newhouse, who is known for her role in the man who I was (2010) plays the role of Wilhelmina “Billie” Brown, an overachiever who is unemployed. She comes to Gene’s mansion to teach her about GED as it is a requirement for her house arrest. Joining them is Stephen Root, who is known for his role in Office Space (1999) and was seen playing the role of Kent Russell in both season 1 and 2. The first season also witnessed the guest star appearance of Channing Tatum which was highly credited and helped boost the ratings by 7 percent.

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Idiotsitter Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

The show features Gene, a woman-child who has been put under house arrest in his father’s mansion. Wilhelmina, an overachiever who is currently unemployed and searching for ways to make quick money takes up a job of teaching Gene GED. She later realizes that this job was just a cover-up for the real job which is to babysit and take care of this woman-child. Together not only do these odd personalities strike up a friendship but also cause all sorts of trouble. This teacher-student relationship is not only unlikely but also very new to the television concept as it includes two grown women.

Idiotsitter Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled

There has been no official statement by Comedy Central on the renewal of the comedy-drama for a third season. It is unlikely that the series will have a third season as the viewing rate for the second season dropped dramatically as compared to the average viewing rate of the first season. There have been no official statements from the showrunners Bell and Newhouse either but the world remains hopeful. Let’s find out what the future holds for Idiotsitter. Keep watching this section for updates.

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Idiotsitter Season 3 Trailer:

The trailer for the third season has not been released yet as there has been no word on the production. However, you can watch the first two seasons of this comedy-drama and follow this unlikely friendship. Figure out if you want to join these two on their adventures. Watch the trailer for the second season below: