If I Hadn’t Met You Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Netflix is trying hard to cement its place as a premier streaming service in the face of rising competition from various other platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu. To this end, they are always adding new and exciting content to attract new viewers while striving to retain the existing base of loyal consumers. Recently, Netflix has begun to broaden its horizon and is going beyond the mainstream English content, in order to focus on content from other countries. They are also focusing on genres that are more popular among their viewer base. Sci-fi and drama are both well-liked in this regard and Netflix is aware of this. Their rich sci-fi repository includes films like ‘Annihilation’ and ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ and shows like ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. When it comes to a broad category like drama, Netflix has its viewers covered across the sub-genres ranging from crime dramas to romantic Korean Tv dramas. Netflix’s show ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ tries to capitalize on the popularity of both science-fiction and drama when it comes to its viewers. Here, we bring you all the details about the of ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’.

If I Hadn’t Met You Cast: Who is in it?

The cast for ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ comprises of actors and actresses of Spanish origin. The show stars Pablo Derqui as the protagonist. Derqui is most famous for his works like ‘Julia’s Eyes’ and ‘Isabel’. Other cast members include Andrea Ros who appeared in ‘The Cold Light of Day’ and Mercedes Sampietro Marro, a veteran Spanish actor, who has had a career on the stage since 1979. Sergi Belbel, a Catalan playwright, is the creator of this show. The entirety of the first season of ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ is directed by Kiko Luiz Claverol, who helmed 5 episodes and Joan Noguera who directed 4. The season finale was the collaborative effort of both directors.

If I Hadn’t Met You Plot: What is it about?

‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ tells the thrilling but heart-wrenching tale of a man who loses his family in an accident. Lovelorn at this loss, he is about to commit suicide. However, he is saved by an old woman who claims to have invented a device that lets people travel to alternate universes. He now attempts to make the travel several times, compelled by the need to find a universe where his family can be saved. Derqui plays the role of Eduard, a middle-aged businessman who is happily married to Elisa, Ros’ character, and has two children from this marriage. His world turns upside down as he tries to find a better ending for his beloved wife after she dies in a car accident.

However, in his attempts to find eternal happiness for both of them, he slowly comes to the realization that perhaps they would have been happiest if they had not met at all. As different scenarios play out in the alternate universes, the show poses some valid questions. Are we really in control of our destinies? How far would we go for the ones we love? Can fate be avoided, or does it arrive in all universes? Blending the genres of drama and science fiction, the show promises to be a thrilling watch due to the mind-bending nature of traveling to alternate universes. However, even if all of that is taken away, what we are left with is a man’s undying love for his wife and children. This romantic show is bound to have dollops of emotion that will have us definitely have us reaching for the tissue before we are through it.

If I Hadn’t Met You Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season 1 ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ premiered Netflix on March 15, 2019. The first season has 10 episodes with each spanning around 52 minutes. The show aired earlier in 2018 with the first episode appearing on October 15 and the last episode releasing on December 17. Netflix picked up the international distribution of this show on their platform.

There is no news on Season 2 yet. Though, if the shows does get renewed for Season 2, the release date is likely going to be sometime in 2020. Let’s hope for the best.

If I Hadn’t Met You Season 1 Trailer:

You can watch the trailer of ‘If I Hadn’t Met You’ Season 1 here.

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