10 Cool Things I Will Do if I Own the Iron Man Suit

October 8, 2017
4 min read

Superhero movies being a nerd’s companion are a thing of past. Ever since the definition of cool included superhero movies, new folks have been smitten with it giving substantial rise to fan pages, fan theories and jobless freelancer like me opportunities to concoct articles like this fueling my imagination and maybe nudging yours. Iron man is one of marvel’s finest that has been around for quite something but has gained a ridiculous amount of popularity in recent culture due to Robert Downey Jr’s association with it. While Downey’s dark brown eyes are oh!! so drool worthy, it is the suit of Iron Man that has infatuated thousands. Here is a list of 10 things if I owned the Iron-Man suit:


10. No More Outfit Problems

From being labeled dress-repeater to worst dressed at the party we all have had our glorious moments. How does the freaking suit help here? You don’t have to worry about what to wear within be in your underwear and still you will rock the party because you will be in a freaking Iron man suit. You’re gonna steal the thunder, baby!


9. Elevator Problems

Late for work in high heels with ton of load and it was that day the secretary uncle decided to fix the elevator since it had been causing problems since eternity. So what do you do? Simple- wear your suit and jump and fly.


8. Help Out Mom

From age 8-80 we always disappoint our parents, especially our mothers by not being adept at house chores. You have a tiny shot of her praising your homely skills if Jarvis is there to help you out with the cleaning and stuff.


7. Jarvis Does Your Homework

Jarvis does your homework- school students to office goers we all have work back at home also that we would rather skip. So the next time our boss or teacher comes in prepared to take a swing at you, make them miss by presenting your work. Who did it? Well, Jarvis! Who else?


6. Be in Two Places at the Same Time

You have your boring cousin’s ultra-boring wedding to attend sent in your suit. Tony couldn’t fool Pepper but I’m sure you can pull it off if you are bit careful. On second thoughts, no need to be careful because no one would want to jam their tongue down your throat. So as your suit saves the day you can enjoy well wherever it is that you enjoy.