12 Best Jack Black Movies You Must See

December 14, 2017
6 min read

Very few actors can work as a brand and Jack Black is one of them. Yes, he is more of an outside-in rather than an inside-out actor i.e. he transforms the character to himself rather than him transforming into the character but he strikes the right chord every time. It is about the energy he brings to his characters that sets him apart and his comic timing is perfection. He is undeniably multi-talented and takes entertainment to a new level. Jack Black is the perfect formula that brings about good humor into a movie. He is typical but that never bores you instead he is one of those actors who rarely disappoints. Jack Black is more of an adjective than a noun at times because his eccentricity has given him a new response all together. Here is the list of top 12 Jack Black movies one cannot miss.


12. Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003)

Black plays a cameo of a psychiatrist patient in this Award-winning comedy about a lonely young man who finds himself at a restaurant with two strangers and his best friend. Black is eccentric and dynamic as the schizophrenic patient interviewed by Melvin who has an unusual point about reality and his identity. Black gives his all in the tiny screen time and easily steals the show.


11. Shallow Hal (2001)

Black plays Hal who only dated women with the perfect body following his father’s advice until he falls in love with Rosemary. Black’s charm and comic timing was phenomenal as he continued to climb his ladder of stardom. Watch this movie as it binds you with a heartfelt message about inner beauty and love. Black shines out as the insensitive and chauvinist Hal who learns about the unseen beauty that lies within.


10. The Holiday (2006)

Jack Black is the new ‘charming’ in ‘The Holiday’. He plays Miles, a Hollywood music composer working with Amanda played Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend. The writers created the character for Black after watching his performance in ‘School of Rock’ (2003). The director Nancy Meyers wanted to replace the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome charmer into an adorable, chubby, caring lover and Jack Black was effortless as the lovable Miles Dumont.


9. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Didn’t we all fall in love with Po the first time we saw Kung Fu Panda? Jack Black gives the voice for Po, a giant Panda who is accidently chosen to be the Dragon Warrior by Master Oogway.  Black fits every nuance of Po and filled it with spot on energy, humour and made it one of the most memorable animated character of all time.


8. Tropic Thunder (2008)

Jack Black plays Jeff Portnoy, a drug-addicted comedian-actor who is well known for his portrayal of multiple characters in films that mostly rely on toilet humor. He later plays Fats, a raspy-voiced soldier in a film within the hilarious movie as he deals with his insecurity of getting type cast as an actor capable of playing only humorous characters. Portnoy is insane, messy and simply impossible. People have a list of reasons to watch ‘Tropic Thunder’ and Jack Black is surely one of them.


7. Nacho Libre (2006)

Black plays Ignacio or Nacho in ‘Nacho Libre’, a cook who decides to raise money for orphans by moonlighting as a Lucha Libre Wrestler with his partner Esqueleto. The hilarious journey begins as Nacho disguises himself as a wrestler to conceal his identity from the monastery he was raised in. Watch this movie for its absurd humour, entertaining characters and Black’s hilarious performance.

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