10 Upcoming Jennifer Aniston Movies We Are Excited About

If you were growing up in the 90s, probably F.R.I.E.N.D.S was a major part of your life. If not, then you might have watched it sometime later. Friends recommended, cousins downloaded them for you or maybe you were casually swapping channels, looking for something ‘watchable’ on a lazy summer afternoon and have come across this sitcom at Comedy Central. If you have loved F. R.I.E.N.D.S, then you have definitely loved Rachel Green. We grew up with her – from spoilt brat to successful businesswoman and a single mother — we lived with her throughout the transition. Her high-octane fashion to quirky dialogues – Rachel Green is one character that is going to be etched in our hearts forever. As we talk about Rachel Green, we cannot help but be thankful to one person. The person who had bought Rachel’s character to life – Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston was quite a sensation back in the 90s owing to her nonpareil vogue, wit and a physique similar to that of a Greek goddess. Though she was a part of few TV and movie endeavors before, she only gained both prominence and eminence after her feat as Rachel Green. Not only it helped her mold her career but also made us fall for her to an extent that we look forward to her new projects every time. Certainly, Jennifer Aniston is not just Rachel Green and she has proved her flair in other roles time and again. At this point, the question that might be circling your mind is what is the next Jennifer Aniston movie? Well, the good news is that we have a clear answer to that question. Here’s the list of upcoming Jennifer Aniston films scheduled to release in 2018 and 2019. We can only hope that the latest new Jennifer Aniston movie could be as good as some of her recent ones.

1. Murder Mystery

‘Just Go With It’ rekindled the idea of popcorn entertainment and marshmallow sweetness thrown in an archaic rusty template of Hollywood’s fairytale romance. It was brutally panned by both the critics and audience alike but at the same time, the chemistry of the titular cast was considered as a major take away from the movie. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston re-unite on-screen for a mystery-comedy film on Netflix. The story revolves around an NYC cop and his wife who accidentally lands up as a prime suspect in a high-profile murder case . With all the buzz around, all we can hope is that this lives up to our expectations.

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2. Dumplin

Dumplin is an upcoming musical comedy film based on the novel by Julie Murphy. Aniston is roped in the film to play the role of Rosie Dickson – Dumplin’s mother. Rosie’s character is that of a former beauty pageant and the movie is about her misfit rebel daughter. Though the movie is supposed to be strictly for teens we hope to see the “Mother’s day” mother in Jen once again.

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 3. First Ladies

If you like Tig Norato, then you will definitely have this on your bucket list. The film is based on an original pitch by Notaro and her wife Stephanie. Guess what? They are writing the script too! This is definitely going to be something exciting with Tig’s growing fame on her already existing Netflix show. With Jennifer staging the role of a lesbian female US president, there is so much there to look forward to.

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4. Significant Other

After ‘The Switch’ and ‘Office Christmas party’ Jennifer Aniston is about team up with Jason Bateman again for a hat trick project ‘Significant Other’. Significant other is a romantic comedy and Jennifer’s character is that of a businesswoman who is waiting eagerly for a grand imminent promotion. There are not many details divulged on this project yet, but we are already rooting for the sizzling pair.

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5. What Alice Forgot

Based on the bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty, the storyline of this movie has set high expectations already. Jennifer will be playing the role of Alice who is a 40-year-old woman and loses her memory after a tragic accident only to wake up and think that she is 25, the living perfection which is a sharp contrast to her current life.

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6. The Goree Girls

This movie was just an abridged idea of ‘ almost’ and had been shelved back in 2009. Despite all the crests and troughs, this movie is finally happening and Jennifer Aniston is still keen on working on this story. Based on the famous all-girls band ‘ Goree all-girl string band ‘ of the 1940s, this movie is surely going to grab our attention.

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7. The Fixer

Jennifer surely loves to experiment with versatile roles while sticking to the grammar of Hollywood clichés. ‘The Fixer’ is a sports drama and Jen is all set to play the professional sports manager Denise White. Fox2000 has already acquired White’s life rights and Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Hahn will produce this movie under the label of Echo films.

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8. Counter Clockwise

Counter Clockwise is based on Ellen Langer’s research on the transformative power of human mind. Langer found out that it is possible to reserve aging both psychologically and physically thus serving as a muse to an interesting screenplay. Jennifer Aniston will play the role of Langer and not much has been revealed yet on this.

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9. Pumas

Talk of women who seduce younger men and Jennifer Aniston will be there to elude your dreams. She is glamorous and alluring even at this age and never fails to captivate male attention, which in turn makes her effortlessly suitable for this role. Pumas is about women who seduce younger men and Jennifer is all set raise temperatures and rule hearts.

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10. Untitled Jennifer Aniston /Sophie Goodhart Project


Jennifer Aniston is in negotiations to star in an untitled comedy directed by Sophie Goodhart. The film is supposed to capture the life of an overburdened couple trying to relive their younger days. This movie seems to have a  gripping story and as ardent Aniston fans we can only wish and hope a confirmation at her end.

Jenifer Aniston can be adorned with epithets like fun, chic and lady-hero because she taught us to live, fail, learn and laugh about it. Her take on life and love is unapologetically honest and thereafter unmatched.  The sultry, witty and fierce roles that she opts on screen has never failed to amaze us.The best part is the way she shapeshifts into every single character while sticking to basics is something laudable. The kind of movies she opts for is not always cinematic marvels, critically acclaimed or flawlessly scripted yet they never fail to bring a smile on our face.

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