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Updated September 9, 2018
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Real Name: Jeremy James Roloff

Occupation: TV Personality

Date of Birth: May 10, 1990

How Old is Jeremy Roloff: 28 years

Birthplace: Oregon, United States

How Tall is Jeremy Roloff: 5 feet 10 inches

Nationality: American

Family: Amy Roloff (Mother); Matthew Roloff (Father); Zachary Roloff (Brother); Jacob Roloff (Brother); Molly Roloff (Sister).

Wife: Audrey Mirabella Botti (2014).

Children: Ember Jean Roloff (Daughter).

Girlfriends: Kirsten Simoneau (2007 – 2009).


Jeremy Roloff Facts:

He went to Brooks Institute of photography in Southern California where he got a four-year certification in photography in June 2017.

His advantage is in photography, investigating the world and building.

Jeremy Roloff has possessed the capacity to make a colossal total asset for a kid his age because of his great unscripted tv profession.

Jeremy Roloff’s family claims 36 sections of land of remarkable farmland close to the Portland in Oregon which is a traveler goal; in which they develop pumpkins and propelled the Pumpkin Food Product Business.

An online article appeared on September 1, 2008, about Jeremy Roloffs homophobic and supremacist comments, issued in National Enquirer under the article heading of “A Big Bigot In The Land of Little People”. It incited an angry and hurt reaction from deceived and stunned fans.

In one dazzling pic she shared on Instagram, the true identity looked sure as she flaunted her tummy at the 30-week point.

Only a month prior to conceiving an offspring, Us Weekly visited with the twosome at Audrey’s (better half) child shower, which was held at the Roloff Family cultivate in Oregon.


Jeremy Roloff Quotes:

“I met my wife eight years ago today on a blind date.”

“It’s been a wild and unexpected eight years.”

“For the next half: ‘if it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, then here’s hail! to the rest of the road.’ A Severe Mercy.”

“When we are old and grey I imagine the greatest thing will be looking back at the love story we have written.”

“We never get to choose where we end up, our daily choices choose for us.”

“Ember Jean has us on our toes and awake. (All night long) haha. We’re starting to learn her cries (I mean singing) and have been taking her on a lot of walks.”

“She’s starting to smile and loves tummy time. And this photo is by my beautiful wife!”

“She’s beautiful. We are feeling so thankful and blessed that God has entrusted us with this little life.”

“Audrey did amazing. Natural labor is no joke. I have a renewed appreciation for her strength,”

His wife says “Jeremy has been so patient with me during this process. I really couldn’t imagine doing it without him. I have full confidence that when I need something, or even just want a scoop of ice-cream, that he’ll be off the couch and getting it before I finish my sentence. I feel loved and am thankful for a husband like Jeremy.”


Jeremy Roloff Filmography:

Little People, Big World (2006-2017)

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm (2012)

The Oprah Winfrey Show (2003-2008)

Little People, Big Dreams (2005)


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