12 Best Kristen Bell Movies and TV Shows

March 10, 2018
6 min read

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Peter Bretter, played by Jason Segel, is devastated when his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, played by Kristen Bell, abruptly breaks up with him. He decides to go on a trip to Hawaii, to get over the break-up and clear his head. What he doesn’t know is that Sarah is in Hawaii too, staying in the same hotel as him, with her new boyfriend. This makes things exponentially difficult for Peter as he tries to get over this phase with the help of a hotel concierge, Rachel, played by Mila Kunis.


5. House of Lies (2012-2016)

Marty Kaan, played by Don Cheadle, is a management consultant who is ready to employ every trick, no matter how dirty it might be, to get the deal done. Jeannine van der Hooven, played by Kristen Bell, is his business associate. Marty and Jeannine have a complex relationship, but when it comes to business they are same-minded. The show follows their personal and professional lives and how they get things done.


4. Gracie’s Choice (2004)

Gracie Thompson had a bad childhood due to the irresponsible behavior of her drug-addicted mother. When her mother is sent to jail, Gracie is left with her four half-siblings. She does everything in her power to keep the family together, looking after her siblings, while tackling her own teenage problems. Gracie tries to fill in the void left by their mother but soon realizes that it is not an easy task.


3. Frozen (2013)

The most successful movie of Bell’s career came in the form of the Disney extravaganza, ‘Frozen’. Elsa has the power of creating and manipulating ice but she can’t control it. She tries to hide it from everyone by living in solace, but in her crowning ceremony, things go devastatingly awry. When Elsa runs away, Anna goes after her to bring her back home. She is helped by a young man, his reindeer, and a snowman.


2. The Good Place (2016- present)

Eleanor Shellstrop hasn’t been an ideal human being, so she is surprised when she is admitted into ‘The Good Place’ in the afterlife. Believing that she has been mistaken for someone else, she decides to right the wrongs by living up to the standards of the place. The show has received good reviews, with the praise directed towards writing, acting and humor of the show. A third season has been commissioned for it. The preceding two are known for their ‘did not see that coming’ cliff-hangers.


1. Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

Veronica, played by Kristen Bell, had a normal teenage life with its usual problems. When her best friend, Lilly, is murdered, Veronica’s father, who is the town sheriff, accuses the victim’s father. This puts the whole town against him. He his voted out of his office, his wife becomes an alcoholic and leaves them, and his reputation is left in pieces. He opens a private investigation agency. Veronica helps her father in solving the cases while taking up extra cases from her friends and family. Over the arc of the story, Lilly’s true murderer’s identity is revealed.

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