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Everything We Know About Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Remake

September 10, 2019
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Disney really hit box office gold when it realised that live action remakes of old, beloved classics was a wonderful cash-in opportunity, after ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Maleficent’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ proved to be massive successes, paving the way for ‘The Jungle Book’, and later, an entire year full of them with ‘Dumbo’, ‘Aladdin’, and ‘The Lion King’. I do not know neither claim to know whether Walt Disney’s final will actually claimed to have these classics made every 25 years for every new generation to enjoy, but the fact of the matter remains that for the mouse house and in 2019, they sell like hot cakes on a fall evening. They have already hit the billion dollar mark with two of their three live action releases, and their next live action release within this year is special in a lot of ways that I am gradually going to announce as we go.

‘Lady and the Tramp’ receives Disney’s special live action treatment next from the 1955 animated original, marking the first time that an animated classic has been remade, not for theatrical release, but for an exclusive streaming only release over its flagship streaming service for television, Disney+. Sign of the times, I’d say. But as I have mentioned in a number of my articles before this as well, Disney seems to not be leaving any stone unturned in making people subscribe to its new service that is now going to be the hub of all things Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and even Nat Geo. Even if that wasn’t a huge draw, there is a ton of new content to look forward to. Whether you take that subscription or not is up to you; but a live action remake of ‘Lady and the Tramp’ sure sounds like something to look forward to, especially during holiday season now, doesn’t it? Here is everything that we currently know about it.

Lady and the Tramp Plot: What Is It About?

Not much thinking to do here, but since this is a direct remake in live action, the plot will be mostly similar to the 1955 animated classic, which in turn is based on “Happy Dan, The Cynical Dog” by Ward Greene, a Cosmopolitan Magazine Story. The live action version of ‘Lady and the Tramp’, just as the original, will do a retelling of a story for the ages, of a cocker spaniel named Lady, a pampered, upper middle class American family dog who meets Tramp, a streetsmart mutt (a Schnauzer mix, here) while the two embark on romantic adventures together.

An amazingly interesting thing to note here is that unlike all of Disney’s live action remakes, ‘Lady and the Tramp’ will be the first one to employ real animals instead of computer rendered, hyper-realistic versions of them. In fact, Lady is played by Rose, a cocker spaniel, and Tramp is played by Monte, a Schnauzer mix, a slight variation from the animated original. The two dogs, along with others, began training months before the shoot of the film went on floors.

The story is put into motion when Lady starts feeling rather left out in part due to her owners expecting a baby, which is when she first meets Tramp. When Jim and Darling, her human owners, leave for a vacation leaving their dog-hating aunt in charge, Her trouble making Siamese cats deliberately mess up the house to put Lady in trouble, leading her to escape and spend a day with Tramp, who teaches her to live “footloose and collar free”. The two fall in love, to be separated and eventually reunited towards the end of the film. Quintessential feel-good Disney story.

Now, for the question you have all been waiting for. The live-action film does recreate the animated original’s yet iconic moment of the dogs sharing a smooch while on a date eating spaghetti. The scene is especially featured in the trailer as well, although it cuts to the title right before they can begin eating the spaghetti. Despite being a live-action remake, you have got to save some for the final cut on release date!

Lady and the Tramp Cast: Who Is In It?

The very definition of a TV movie may have changed now, courtesy, Netflix, but for all practical purposes, ‘Lady and the Tramp’ is one, just as Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ is. Right now, it may be budget no bar, but then again, it is as I mentioned. Disney has managed to put together quite the cast of A-listers for this one, and the leading duo will be voiced by Tessa Thompson, who will be playing Lady, and Justin Theroux who will provide the voice for Tramp. Apart from the two, Sam Elliott as Trusty, a Bloodhound; Ashley Jensen as Jackie, a Scottish Terrier, a gender swap of Jock from the original film; Janelle Monáe as Peg, a Pekingese; and Benedict Wong as Bull, a Bulldog, will be seen in exclusive voice roles for both CGI and actual dogs appearing in the movie.

Apart from the animated cast and the dogs, there are several other actors who will be appearing in live action in the film. These include Kiersey Clemons as Darling Dear; Thomas Mann as Jim Dear; Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah; Jim’s aunt, Adrian Martinez as Elliot, a dog-catcher; and Arturo Castro as Marco. Ken Jeong and F. Murray Abraham have been cast in yet undisclosed roles.

Lady and the Tramp Crew: Who Is Behind It?

The live-action version of the film has been directed by Charlie Bean and written by Andrew Bujalski and Kari Granlund. Brigham Taylor from Disney will be serving as producer. Janelle Monáe, who also voices a character in the film, will be recreating ‘The Siamese Cat Song’ for the film, along with recording two other original singles for the movie. The new version of ‘The Siamese Cat Song’ is receiving a revision due to its perceived racist connotations. Joseph Trapanese will be composing the score for the film.

Lady and the Tramp Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

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‘Lady and the Tramp’ will be the first Disney original movie on the mouse house’s exclusive streaming service, Disney+, and would thus be available for streaming on 12th November, 2019.

Lady and the Tramp Trailer:

Check out the adorable live action trailer for ‘Lady and the Tramp’ here. The reaction to the trailer and the film in general has yet been mixed, with people calling out the outwardly visible cash grab nature of these films, even if box office trends suggest otherwise. Regardless, the kids are going to have a great time with this one.

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