Lewis Shilvock From AGT: Everything We Know

June 23, 2020
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Lewis Shilvock is an 18-year-old dancer from Australia who has taken the world by storm with its spectacular moves and insane flexibility. The contestant from ‘America’s Got Talent’ was introduced on the international platform in the show’s 15th outing. Defining a truly meteoric rise to stardom, Lewis has quite a remarkable background. Join us as we take a detailed peek into the life of this young dancing sensation!

Lewis Shilvock Nationality: Where is He From? Who is in His Family?

Lewis is originally from South Australia and he is a student of Precizion Dance School and GTB Dance Studios. He was extremely close to his nan who unfortunately died from cancer. The last thing his nan said to Lewis was ‘dance from your heart.’ Lewis says that he holds these words close to his heart and whenever he dances, he draws emotion from his experiences and infuses them in his moves. Check out this cute image of Lewis and his nan from his school days.

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❤️ #grandparentsday

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Lewis has a mother and a younger brother in his family. Here is a cute picture of the trio when Lewis was still a little boy:

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happy birthday mum 💕

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Lewis is extremely fond of his elder sister who goes by the name Paris Anderson.

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i love you so much, big sis 💟

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Lewis Shilvock: Age and Career

Lewis started dancing professionally from quite a young age, starting from his middle school days. Currently, in the last lap of his teenage years, he is no stranger to being on the limelight. He has been honored with innumerable medals and wins, and he is already a celebrity in his home country.

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get the beat has been so good this week jazz solo ~ 1st lyrical solo ~ 1st contemporary solo ~ 2nd contemporary duo ~ 1st and overall highest scoring duo in adelaide contemporary group ~ 2nd jazz group ~ 2nd teen champion finals solo ~ 1st thanks to @get_the_beat for holding an amazing competition and awarding me with my first tiara – I thought I looked pretty good. thank you also to @gretabrinsley the amazing judge who gave me such good critics and awarded me with such amazing results. lastly thank you to @preciziondance I wouldn't be able to do what I do with your love and support. I don't think I've faced a harder decision in my life than choosing which solo to do at finals and together we pulled through and I won thank you so much! #gtbadelaide #gtbRadelaide #tiaraonfleek #1stplace #winner #99redballoons #gtb #regionals ps thanks @dancemomsara, you're pretty cool too

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By the time Lewis reached high school, he was participating in international dance tours. Of course, even on the global platforms, there was no dearth of accolades for this remarkable star.

Lewis is so devoted to his art that even in the trying quarantine times, he could not help but post clips from his past, evoking the strong nostalgia of his dance routines. Here is an example of a throwback post, which he captions as follows: “Spreading some positive vibes with a song that’s appropriate to my mood during this time. Take me back to this moment – a performance I’ll never be able to explain other than a memory I’ll hold on to forever. I miss dancing so much but love taking a moment to reminisce on memories like these and am ready to go back to the studio more motivated than ever before 😌❤️”

Eventually, Lewis made it to the biggest stage yet — the AGT Studio! He also updated how excited he was with his auditions. He wrote: “I’m over the moon to say that the wait is nearly over!
My @AGT audition will be airing on Tuesday night’s episode! I’ve been dying to tell you guys all about it and am so excited to get to re-live it all myself. #AGT is on every Tuesday night at 8/7c on @NBC!”

Lewis Shilvock Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Lewis has tasted fame from a very young age. He is not new to the world of glitz and glamor and all of his contemporary dance moves reflect extreme confidence and grace. Hence, we are keeping our fingers crossed for this bright contestant! And we are sure he is going to give some tough competition to his peers. [Feature Image Courtesy: Facebook, Lewis Shilvock].

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