Love at First Flight Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Love at First Flight is a reality tv series that first aired on 20th March 2018. In this series, a group of couples travels across the country with their new partner. While travelling, they enjoy adventures, face various challenges, experience times of hardships and get new lifelong experiences. The paired couples also a get a chance to get married at the end of their journey if they are emotionally compatible. The series is produced by ToyinGiwa (Main), Marianne Wiedeman (Main), Jamie Facenda, Chris Arundel, Iris Balian, and John Fitzpatrick III while it is executive produced by Gena McCarthy, Mike Nichols as well as Craig Piligian. The professional matchmakers pair the individuals according to their compatibility. Participants from all over the world have one thing common among themselves, and that is no luck in love.

In each challenge, the compatibility of the couple is tested by professionals while travelling from New York to Los Angeles. As the trip comes to an end, they have to decide whether they want to get hitched or go their separate ways. Naccari, for his part, says of the experience, “We had a great time and I’m really fortunate everything worked out. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” he says of Lopez.”We started this as getting to know each other with few expectations, and I think that helped foster a real relationship. There was no fakeness.” he said.

Love at First Flight Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast for the previous season was Michael Naccari and Alma Lopez, Stephanie VerEecke and Ryan Pinter as well as Stephanie Helouise Johnson and Rahelio. We will update this section when we know which four new couples will be joining the series to tour across countries in search for love.

Love at First Flight Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Firstly, the matchmakers introduce eight strangers and form 4 couples based on their compatibility. They have to travel for 30 days across the country where their endurance and stamina will be tested. The expert matchmaker hopes that each couple could end up at the wedding altar. In season 1, the couples arrive at Nashville where they have to prove to each other that they can handle and adapt to unexpected circumstances on their journey. The four couples then land to Sedona to face numerous challenges. Later on, the couples have to climb tough obstacles in Denver and also have to learn to adapt to different communication styles that can affect their future. In Sin City, the trust of each couple is put through tests where temptations and other toxic things can destroy their bond in seconds. In the next episode, family members of each couple give them a surprise visit. The couples also travel to Hawaii and go on their last dates before deciding about their future. In the final episode, the couples have to take their last stop where it is revealed whether they have found true love or not.

Love at First Flight Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The first season premiered in 2018 and there is a good enough possibility for the second season to premiere in 2019. You can stay tuned for more updates of the series and a likely air date when we know.

Love at First Flight Season 2 Trailer:

You can watch the trailer for the first season below and find out if this series about love is for you.

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