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Love It or List It Season 15: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

November 17, 2019
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‘Love It or List It’, the Canadian home improvement series, branded as one of the country’s most beloved reality shows, airs on HGTV for its US audience. A winner of multiple prestigious awards, it is the first title in the ‘Love It or List It’ franchise, which also includes ‘Love It or List It Vancouver’, ‘Love It or List It UK’, ‘Love It or List It Vacation Homes’, ‘Vendre ou renover au Quebec’, and ‘Love It Or List It Australia’.

Produced by Big Coat Productions, the HGTV show follows its hosts as they tour around Toronto and neighboring regions in Ontario, Canada, searching for dated properties that need a quick renovation. After looking at the property and inspecting it, the featured housing experts utilize their individual skills in searching for a new home and renovating the existing one (simultaneously). Finally, the homeowners decide if the house stays with them or if it gets sold to another buyer.

Who Are the Hosts of Love It or List It?

‘Love It or List It’ features Hilary Farr and David Visentin as the main hosts. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Farr is a home designer who has been all across the world, living in Australia, England, California, and New York. She has dealt with properties in each of these regions and after returning to her hometown, she began to “stage” properties to make them sale-ready. Extremely talented in designing houses, Farr is accompanied by Visentin, a real estate agent, based in Southern Ontario. He has been in this profession since the 1980s and works with Country Living Realty Limited.

Alongside the primary presenters, we meet assistant designer Desta Ostapyk, also based in Toronto, and a graduate  in interior design from Toronto International Academy of Design and Technology. She holds vast experience in the television industry and has formerly worked in ‘My Parents House’.

Among the contractors, there is Eric Eremita, Eddie Richardson, and Fergus McLaren. Rounding up the crew is Simon West (architect), Linda Johnstone (senior production coordinator), David Violante (construction coordinator), Chris Blinn, Adam Dalgarno, Ahren Mrowietz, and Dale George (construction assistants), and Kaaveh Shoman (design coordinator).

What is Love It or List It About?

In ‘Love It or List It’, each episode follows an almost identical format. We meet the featured homeowner(s) who showcase the current house they are living in. Since the highlighted property is usually in a rundown condition, the family is confused between whether they should put it up for sale or continue to live in it after a makeover.

This is when the family seeks the advice of Hilary Farr and David Visentin, who first inspect the premises prior to meeting the owner(s). In this section of the episode, we get to witness the usual, non-stop banter between the housing experts — with David focusing mostly on the negative aspects and Hilary believing that she can somehow make the house turn around with her creativity.

Next, there is the must awaited meeting between the hosts and the family (usually a couple), where the latter informs the former about their expectations from the property. While Hilary faces the challenge of renovating the house according to the demands and budget of the owners, David is given the task of searching for a new home for the family, again as per the specified requirements and budget.

Usually, the most common difficulty faced by Hilary and David is to fit in all the requirements within the mentioned budget. The first overall inspection is often not sufficient to make an accurate estimate of the total expenses. So, during the renovation process, Hilary often comes across additional loopholes, which require extra cash.

On the other hand, even David has his own share of obstacles in the form of the family’s desires. Sometimes, they do not wish to change their kids’ school and at times, they want the new home to be in an ideal location. Most of the time, David ends up suggesting a house that’s far above the set budget and the homeowners may agree or disagree with him. But Hilary faces much more challenging situations as owners do not usually prefer increasing the price even for the smallest changes.

Once Hilary is done with her job, she gives the couple a tour of their renovated home. David then informs the current market value of this overhauled property. He also tells the family about the benefits of the new home and what they would miss if they choose their existing house over the new one. In short, the owners have to choose between two options — love it, i.e continue to stay in their old abode or list it, i.e buy the new home and put the existing one for sale.

The decision is difficult because of two reasons. First, the overhauled property looks much more attractive and after all, it holds many precious memories. Second, with all the improvements, the resale value of the property increases manifold. Hence, the net cost to buy a new property is considerably reduced. Finally, after weighing their options, the couple decides whether they wish to love it or list it and then, explains the reasons behind this choice.

In season 14, we witness the hosts helping couples reinvent a fixer-upper property to include a gourmet kitchen, renovate a cramped house, redesign a 1980s property, and tackle a house in a ranch. Season 15 is expected to feature some more creative overhauls as the duo sets about in search of more families who need some help in falling in love with their homes once again.

Love It or List It Season 15 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Love It or List It’ season 15 is all set to premiere on November 18, 2019 on HGTV. Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Love It or List It Trailer:

HGTV has not released an official trailer for ‘Love It or List It’ season 15. You can head to their official site if you wish to check out all the recent images, videos, and season highlights from the show.

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