Love: Canceled or Renewed?

Love is a romantic, comedy web TV series initially ordered by Netflix. The series is set in Los Angeles, USA. The series is developed by Paul Rust and Judd Apatow. The first season premiered on 19th February 2016, having ten episodes and the second season premiered on 10th March 2017 having 12 episodes. After its renewal, the third season premiered on 9th March 2018 also has 12 episodes. There was no fixed running time for each episode; the duration was between 27 to 46 minutes. The overall ratings received by the show are very good; it has a score of 7.8/10 on IMDB and even better ratings on rotten tomatoes. The series has also been a nominee for the best comedy series award at Satellite Awards. There have also been many guest star appearances in all the seasons. This American web series has a good chunk of worldwide viewership. Love balances between the comedy and drama throughout the seasons with a performance so good at every front that it never feels like they are acting. The relationship between Mickey and Gus is delightful, charming and extremely believable. Season 3 of the series was the last and final series that aired.

Love Plot: What’s it about?

The plot revolves around the two main characters Gus and Mickey who like each other but always wind up in conflicts. Gus is a tutor to a teen star while Mickey is a radio talk show producer. A love story of the couple would never work. Mickey gets in a relationship with Dustin and when she feels that it is moving too fast, she decides to break up with him. It is quite intense at this point. Dustin tries to reach her due to jealousy. He finds her with Gus and follows them. Mickey tries to lose him. She has not told Gus about Dustin and doesn’t want both the guys to meet. The series deals with a down-to-earth dating scenario. There are genuine surprises in the series that no one can see coming. In the end, both the lovebirds are united. They marry and finally realise their proper response towards each other.

Love Cast: Who’s in it?

The main cast includes Paul Rust as Gus Cruikshank, Claudia O’Doherty as Bertie Bauer, Gillian Jacobs as Mickey Dobbs, Mike Mitchell as Randy Monahan, and Chris Witaske as Chris Czajkowski. The recurring cast includes Brett Gelman as Greg Colter, Iris Apatow as Arya Hopkins, Tracie Thoms as Susan Cheryl, Bobby Lee as Truman, Jordan Rock as Kevin, Charlyne Yi as Cori, Kyle Kinane as Eric, Kerri Kenney as Syd, among others.

Guest stars appearing on the show are Jesse Bradford as Carl, Joe Mande as Jeffrey, John Early as Daniel, Stephen Boss as Doobie, Will Sasso as Ben, Chase Ellison as Jacob, John Ennis as Don, Justin Willman as a magician.

Love Season 4 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed?

Netflix had originally ordered two season series but owing to a favorable viewership, the third season was renewed. It was declared quite early on that it would be the last season. Even with the last episode, it was declared that the finale of the series was being aired. Viewers have had a long time to prepare themselves for the news that Love would not be renewed for a fourth season. Apatow had officially stated that the third season would be the funniest and the best end for the entire series. There is no further need for any speculations; the series has been officially cancelled. You can rewatch the three seasons again if you loved it.

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