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When ‘Superbad’ first came out in 2007, its largely unknown cast caught the eye. The young, raw, and hilarious ensemble included names like Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Bill Hader, and Michael Cera. All have gone on to achieve worldwide fame and are now A-list superstars. None, however, have been able to manage success quite like Hill and Stone. Their chemistry on-screen prompted many to dub them a young “Romeo-Juliet”. That golden pair is back again, albeit in a different form, and has got everyone talking. The two shared the screen in the first season of ‘Maniac’, a black comedy science fiction show. Netflix released the first season, which was produced in a collaborative effort between Paramount and Anonymous.

Maniac Cast: Who is in it?

The first season had two major stars in the form of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. The two Hollywood stars were last seen together in the 2007 teen-comedy ‘Superbad’. Apart from the starring pair, another famous name that featured in the show was Academy winner Sally Field. Along with her, Justin Theroux, also portrayed a recurring character integral to the story.

Maniac Plot: What is it about?

The official synopsis on Netflix’s website reads, “The show tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial, each for their own reasons.  Annie’s disaffected and aimless, fixated on broken relationships with her mother and her sister; Owen, the fifth son of wealthy New York industrialists, has struggled his whole life with a disputed diagnosis of schizophrenia.”

The series is a remake of the Norweigan show of the same name released back in the year 2015. That show is also available for streaming on Netflix. Its grand success and important social strands prompted an American remake and here it is.

Maniac Season 2 Release Date: When does it premiere?

Maniac Season 1 premiered on Netflix on Sep 21, 2018. The show opened to a good response and critical acclaim. Even though I want was hopeful of Season 2, considering the fact that director of the show Cary Fukanaga has Bond 25 lined up, I am actually unsure about show’s future. My doubts proved to be true. Speaking to THR, this is what Maniac’s Show-runner replied when asked if the show will return for Season 2: ” No. This was always planned as a limited series, and I think that’s another reason why we had the freedom to have a more hopeful ending. A lot of times on TV, you have to throw your characters into distress again near the end to buy the next season, and we don’t have to do that. It is a tremendous amount of energy and imagination to just to make a new show, and so you do have this feeling of wanting to hold on and keep using it, because there’s so much imagination in there, but I think part of why Maniac had that improvisational feeling along the way was knowing that this is it. Let’s do it now, because this is what Maniac is.

Maniac Season 1: Trailer

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