10 Upcoming Martin Scorsese Movies We Are Excited About

Martin Scorsese has been one of the most accomplished directors working in the cinematic industry. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, Scorsese started his career in 1963, when he made ‘Who’s That Knocking On the Door’ while studying at NYU. His second film pushed him into severe cocaine addiction and depression. He recovered from it while filming ‘Taxi Driver’, which’s huge reception brought him back to focus on work. He delivered another hit in 1980 with ‘Raging Bull’ once again collaborating with Robert De Niro. His 1990 film ‘Goodfellas’ was a turning point in his career which also won Joe Pesci his first Oscar in Best Supporting Actor category. His collaborations with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2000s earned a hell lot of a money, which not only made Scorsese an inspiration for newcomer directors but also made DiCaprio’s career. Their 2006 film ‘The Departed’ won him his first Best Director Oscar.

Apart from films, he’s been an active producer, editor, and documentary film-maker. His films like ‘Hugo’ and “Silence’ have been an amazing contribution towards non-commercial cinema. If you were wondering what’s Martin Scorsese’s next movie, here’s the list of upcoming Martin Scorsese films scheduled to release in 2018 and 2019. We can only hope that the latest new Martin Scorsese movie would be as good as some of his recent ones.

10. Adaptation of ‘Home’ (Rumored)

Home is a family-drama novel written by Marilynne Robinson, a tale of Boughton family’s head Reverend Robert and his relation with his two adult children who gets back ho,e from Gilead, Iowa. The novel is a prequel to Robinson’s 2004 novel Gilead, which in turn was preceded by her 1980 novel Housekeeping.

The project is only rumored and there is no official commencement for the film’s development. It is just that Scorsese has expressed his interest in directing the project. Scorsese, who is known for directing dark and witty films is not unknown to drama, as he previously had directed Oscar-nominated ‘The Age of Innocence’ (1993) and ‘Hugo’ (20011). If this goes on board, it is likely to be Scorsese’s one of the finest works to date.

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9. Untitled Theodore Roosevelt Biopic (Reported)

The project was hinted first in September 2017 and there is no factual evidence that the film is actually a biopic on Theodore Roosevelt. Though it is confirmed that Scorsese has pitched the idea to his long-term friends and collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio and wants him to portray the role of Theodore Roosevelt.

What importance this role will have in the film will only be revealed in time. Currently, both Scorsese and DiCaprio have a lot of things on board already. But, it will be interesting to have DiCaprio and Scorsese make a dark-themed political thriller. Just like as if ‘Lincoln’ being directed by Scorsese.

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8. The General (Possible)

Martin Scorsese is set to direct a film based on George Washington. The film is rumored to showcase the events in founding father’s life during the horrific days of Revolutionary War when Washington struggles to save his dying army.

The first reports of the project were rumored in 2016. The film is being penned by Bill Collage, who wrote ‘Assasin’s Creed’ and Adam Cooper. However, Scorsese hasn’t finalized a deal yet, but he has shown a keen interest in directing the film and bring Leonardo DiCaprio on board. The film is in production race with another film on George Washington titled, ‘The Virginian’. This will be distributed by New Line Cinema and Bradley Cooper is set to star.

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7. Untitled Byron Janis Biopic (In Early Stages)

Byron Janis was an American classical musician and a well-known pianist in 1950s. He collaborated with several musicians of the industry and was also associated as a pianist with many music composers producing film scores. In 2016, Scorsese stated that he will be producing a biopic on Janis, based on his book “Chopin and Beyond: My Extraordinary Life in Music and the Paranormal”. Whether he’ll direct it himself or not, it’s still not sure. The film is confirmed to be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The film will portray Janis’s special connection with composer Frederic Chopin and his fight for awareness regarding arthritis, which Janis himself was a patient of. The script is purchased by Paramount from Peter Glanz, who is penning the entire script. Glanz previously directed ‘The Longest Week’ (2014).

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6. Bill Clinton Documentary (Halted)

Scorsese has been known for directing non-commercial films and documentaries. According to him, it is a way to look back at things exactly as they happened in their true manner and provides a very distinguished impact than the feature-films narrative. Scorsese has previously directed Emmy winning documentaries based on the life of legends like George Harrison and Bob Dylan.

His next possible project will be a docufiction drama based on former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s perspective towards politics and history and his role in the shaping of current political pillars of America. However, in 2015, Scorsese apparently halted the project due to creative differences with Clinton. Whether this project which HBO was about to produce, will ever see the light of the day is still a question, but Scorsese was surely interested in it and I hope he gets this off his conscience.

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5. Untitled Mike Tyson Biopic (Reported)

It was reported in 2015, that Scorsese is set to direct a biopic on the boxing legend Mike Tyson, and giving the viewers another boxing action after his Robert De Niro starring ‘Raging Bull’. It was also reported that the film will be penned by Terrence Winter, who previously worked with Scorsese on ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ (2013).

Scorsese also finalized actor Jamie Foxx as his choice to portray Tyson in the film, which is supposed to cover all aspects of his career from his earlier struggling days to his days of prominence. Scorsese decided to use the aging technology to cover different periods of his life, as in David Fincher’s ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

However, this only was in talks for a few days and then all talks went in shades. Later on, Scorsese stepped down as the director and was said to remain only as a producer. This meant probable halt on the project. But in 2017, Jamie Foxx said to Screen Rant that the project was still a GO, and Scorsese is still attached to the project. Foxx, who previously acted in a biopic of musician Ray Charles can prove his mantle again playing one of the most controversial figures in the sports world. We are waiting!!

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4. Adaptation of “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of FBI” (In Development)

Based on the events penned in the book by David Grann, the film will follow the gruesome murders of the people of Osage County in the 1920s and the subsequent formation of an investigative team which built the FBI. The film will mark probably the eight collaboration of Scorsese and DiCaprio who is also acting as a producer of the film. Notably, Robert De Niro, who’s currently completing Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ has been in talks to play an important role in the film.

The film, which is also going to step-in J. Edgar Hoover’s formation of FBI will be a familiar situation for DiCaprio, who played the character in his Hoover’s Clint Eastwood directed biopic in 2011. The film is expected to go on floors in Spring 2018.

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3. Devil In The White City (In Development)

Based on the 2003 non-fiction novel of the same name, the film follows Daniel Burnham, the architect behind World’s Colombian Exposition and the mysterious serial killer H.H. Holmes who murdered around 200 people in his “Murder Castle”.

Both the character existed in real and were famous names back in late 19th-century. Leonardo DiCaprio acquired the rights to the book’s film adaptation in 2010 and since then, Scorsese has been attached with the project. Scorsese told media in 2017, that his work on the film was delayed due to his commitment to ‘Silence’ (2016).

What character DiCaprio will play, it still hasn’t been disclosed yet, but Scorsese has confirmed his attachment to the film. He also said, “We’ve become very close and we really love hanging out together.” Interestingly, the duo has collaborated on 5 films before, so, this one’s going to be a really fun treat for fans, which is being panned by Bily Ray, who wrote Academy Award-nominated screenplay for ‘Captain Philips’ (2013). Oscars bagging up!

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2. The Irishman (2019)

The film is anticipated to break records at the box-office and is a chance for the previous generation to watch the living legends of cinematic history share the screen together. ‘The Irishman’ is based on the life of Frank Sheeran, a WWII veteran who later became an American labor union official and became involved in criminal activities and established heavy mob connections. This film is Martin Scorsese’s treat to the neo-noir lovers and to the viewers who have always wanted such a Hollywood reunion. With ‘The Irishman’, Scorsese has managed to bring all the big names he has ever worked with. In the role of Sheeran stars his ‘Taxi Driver’ star, Robert De Niro. Also joins the cast is Joe Pesci, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Scorcese’s 1990 film ‘Goodfellas’.

The next big name is Al Pacino, who will be teaming up with Scorsese for the first time. Harvey Keitel, who acted in Scorsese’s debut film also stars in a supporting role. Furthermore, Bob Cannavale, Stephen Graham, Ray Romano and Anna Paquin are also included in the cast. With all these great actors in one picture, ‘The Irishman’ is likely to make a big hit on U. S. box-office. The film is slated to release later this year on Netflix. How about a DiCaprio cameo too? Money’s about to flow big time.

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1. Untitled ‘Joker’ Movie (2019)

The lunatic criminal from DC’s Batman comic books has been a character of great significance since his comic debut. After Heath Ledger’s astonishing portrayal of the character, it has been a matter of debate whether someone can be as good as him, and whether can there be a better film than ‘The Dark Knight’ showcasing Joker.

Well, the wait is over. Martin Scorsese has stepped up to produce an origin story of the character, in a film to be held by ‘Hangover’ director Todd Philips. The film will be set in 1980 Gotham when the crime was at its peak in the city and the caped crusader was nowhere in existence. The film will be reportedly made under Scorsese’s supervision and is expected to be the most gruesome and horrific interpretation of Gotham and Joker.

The film will most likely focus on the events that formed the mysterious and madman criminal and may carry some Batman references in easter eggs. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to watch a new Joker on screen, this time combating horrors of his own self. After the reports, fans petitioned for DiCaprio to portray Joker, and led to a rumor that Warner Bros. is interested in getting him on board for future DCEU films. Nevertheless, DiCaprio as Joker will be something worth watching, keeping in mind his background in dark films. Interestingly, DiCaprio has also been considered by fans as a good choice for another DC villain ‘The Riddler’.

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  • The most likely are the Tyson, Washington and Roosevelt films and the serial killer picture. The Joplin’s bio is a huge maybe but he is passionate about her work, maybe. Cannot see the joker film happening. Sad the Sinatra bio is dead.