10 Best Movies of Megan Fox You Must See

Whether you agree or not, Megan Fox enjoys a humongous following across the globe. Since her entry into the mainstream Cinema, Megan Fox was able to deliver some performances that are memorable to her fans. She is a striking beauty and made her place felt in the industry. She features in almost all the lists of the World’s Most Beautiful Women. Here is a list of top 10 movies of Megan Fox.


10. How to lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

The 2008 British comedy film, How to lose friends & Alienate people was based on the Toby Young’s memoir of the same name. Directed by Robert B. Weide, the movie also stars Simon Pegg, Jeff Bridges, and Kirsten Dunst, along with Megan Fox. She played the role of Sophie Maes, a budding starlet and the object of lust for the main character Toby Young. The movie was praised for Megan Fox’s performance. The film did not go well with critics and was also a box-office flop.


9. Jonah Hex (2010)

The 2010 DC movie Jonah Hex was a box-office bomb. The film neither went well with the critics nor the audiences. Classified as a science-fiction western film, Megan Fox played Lilah, a gun-wielding prostitute and was also the love interest of the titular character Jonah Hex. A memorable Megan Fox character in a not-so-memorable film.


8. This is 40 (2012)

The spinoff to the 2007 comedy film Knocked up, This is 40 was a moderate box-office success. Directed by Judd Apatow, Megan Fox played Desi, a girl working in a clothing company belonging to Leslie Mann, one of the movie’s important characters. The movie included some of Megan’s most memorable scenes. And her character was praised for its comic timing. Watch it if you are Megan Fox fan!


7. Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen (2002)

Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen was one of Megan Fox’s major movie roles. She plays, Carla Santini, a high school teenage girl who is very famous in her school in the 2002 musical comedy. Based on the book of same name by Dyan Sheldon, this Sara Sugarman directoral received negative feedback from the critcs. But it was a modest box-office success. The movie also starred Lindsay Lohan, and was the first noticeable character that Megan Fox played.


6. Friends with Kids (2011)

Megan Fox plays the role of a young actress, Mary Jane, who dates an advertising executive, Jason. Friends with Kids was a movie, where Megan was able to show her comic side and draw audiences to the theatres. Mary Jane may not be a great character for her fans, but it sure was a role that helped to showcase her acting skills.

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