Midnight, Texas: Canceled or Renewed?

Midnight, Texas Season 1 was a big hit and it garnered much appreciation all around the world. The first season of this series premiered on July 24, 2017. This TV Series is based on the book series of the same name by author Charlaine Harris. It is an amazing supernatural drama series broadcasted by NBC network. In the first season the local people from Texas, USA try to fight off supernatural beings. Season 1 consisted of total 10 episodes, each having a running time of around 45 minutes. Just sit back, take in the high horror-gothic drama, and enjoy this fresh guilty pleasure.

Midnight, Texas Cast: Who’s in it?

It stars François Arnaud as Manfred, a charming, powerful psychic who can communicate with spirits and finds safety in Midnight surrounding himself with both human and supernatural allies. It also stars Dylan Bruce as Bobo, proprietor of the town’s local pawn shop; Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji, a witch who owns the local Wiccan shop; Arielle Kebbel as Olivia, a mysterious assassin with a weapon for every occasion; Jason Lewis as Joe, an angel who knows all of Midnight’s secrets, having been around for millennia; and Peter Mensah as Lemuel, a wise vampire with a long history in Midnight. Also the two cast members from Season 1 – Sarh Ramos and Yul Vazquez – did not come back as series regulars in season 2. In addition, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder took over as co-showrunners on Season 2, taking over from series creator Monica Owusu-Breen. Charmelo and Snyder who served as consulting producers on the first season produced the second season along with David Janollari.

Midnight, Texas Plot: What is it about?

In Midnight, Texas the titular town is remote and no one is quite who they seem. Vampires, witches, psychics and angels gather together in the safe haven, fighting off outside pressures from rowdy biker gangs, ever-suspicious cops and their own dangerous pasts, banding together to form a strong and unlikely family. We see Arnaud’s Manfred defeating the demon Colcannar, who threatened to obliterate the veil separating the supernatural world from ours. Though the victory saved the day, the quirky desert town was soon hit with another invasion: developers, who looked to turn the supernatural hideout into a tourist mecca.

In the second season of Midnight, Texas, Harris takes viewers to revisit his “favourite town to discover what its inhabitants have been up to the past few months.” Manfred takes in six demons and starts to face dire consequences. A gruesome murder has been committed at the hotel, leading Manfred to step in to investigate the crime while Lem and Olivia summon their psychic connections. Boho is in danger. Dark witches prevail bringing Manfred and Kai together as a team. Fiji fidgets to the other side, and Olivia and Bobo try to get him back to their side. All those Midnighters surviving, in the end, take up arms against the dark witches.

It would have been exciting to see which direction the series would take in its next season but alas! it is cancelled and we will probably never know.

Midnight, Texas Season 3 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed?

The first season ended up being NBC network’s top-rated summer drama in the year 2017. The show had been off the air since mid-September 2017 with no word on whether or not the series would come back for another run. It took them a little while to do so, a period of five months, but NBC finally granted the supernatural drama Midnight, Texas, a second season. On February 14, 2018, NBC renewed the series for a second season. At Comic-Con, it was confirmed that Midnight, Texas Season 2 would be coming back and the 9-episode sophomore series premiered on Oct. 26, 2018, just in time for Halloween, on NBC. Season 2 might just have been the last we saw of Midnight, Texas unless it is shopped to other outlets which, if rumour has it, is exactly what NBC’s parent company, Universal, is up to as of now. Whether it was the 5-month gap that contributed to the drop in ratings and eventual cancellation or the change in the slot, or both, we don’t know but as of date, Midnight, Texas stands cancelled. The air date of its last episode was December 28, 2018.

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Midnight, Texas Season 3 Trailer:

Enjoy the first look of the second season of this amazing series.


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