10 Best Miles Teller Movies You Must See

Updated September 16, 2017
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The way the people in Hollywood breed their actors, it’s almost asphyxiating. There are almost no actors who just act. They either sing and croon like a blue-jay, or dance and swivel like a divine entity. Miles Teller falls in the middle ground: he can play. His obscure talent came to the forefront with a terrific performance in Damien Chazelle’s electrifying ‘Whiplash’. His eclectic body of work boasts of varied and quality work, which are in itself pieces of art. The passion with which he prepares for his roles reflects in his performances. Miles Teller has been a kind of black sheep, always managing to slip under the radar and outperforming others. Even though he is still in his nascent stages of his career, his mind-boggling fan-following is a testament to his superstar appeal and credentials. Here is the list of top 10 Miles Teller movies.


10. That Awkward Moment (2014)

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It is ironic that this piece of garbage came out in the same year as ‘Whiplash’. Nonetheless, the performances were at least decent. The film employs a multi-storied narrative that focuses on the adventurous lives of three bachelors and their tumultuous lives. Teller is one of them, playing the affable Daniel. The three pledge to ditch commitment, but engage in serious relationships, surreptitiously, behind the others’ backs. The chemistry between the triumvirate leads is absolutely terrific. They compliment each others’ strength and gleefully cover the shortcomings. Teller does a fine job in establishing some sort of credibility with a decent enough performance.


9. Footloose (2011)

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At times when you are not starring in the lead in a movie, you have to be judicious with what you have. This high-octane dancing fiesta is an energetic effort, full of life that you must watch. A forlorn dancer, who just lost his beloved mother, movies into a town where loud music and dancing are prohibited. Conniving with a girl who has consensus ad idem, he plans to resurrect the lost tradition and infuse the town with some lively tapping. Teller plays the perfect foil to the leads’ charismatic display. He is restrained and effective in his small role, which paints his character as a good guy.


8. Project X (2012)

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This film is a genuine masterpiece in my reckoning. Though sparsely flawed and imperfect in its structuring, the film boasts what other film can hardly brag about: unfettered supply of booze. A real-life adaptation of a similar teen party gone horribly wrong, the film is more than just that. It is symbolic of its lead’s need for attention and recognition, which the party provides him with. Three obscure college guys plan to change the status-quo, when one of the boys’ birthday coincides with his parents leaving for the weekend. What follows next is an absolute treat to watch. Teller makes a brief appearance in the capacity of the college jock, who is also named Miles. His charming and effervescent personality adds to the already impressive star cast.


7. Fantastic Four (2015)

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Like I said earlier, his star appeal was bound to land him a marvel role. And it doesn’t get more iconic than Mr. Fantastic. The film turned out to be a disaster, eventually not even being a commercial success. The film follows a group of four youngsters with superhuman powers. The group suddenly feels stronger than ever, and has to utilize their divine strength to overcome a sentinel computer mechanic-cum-evil doctor. Marvel movies have traditionally been the lighter side of things, interspersing breath-taking actions and orgasmic effects with suave and style. Alas, this one had none of the above, graced somewhat by the performance of its supremely talented cast. Teller showed penchant for shouldering a franchise movie, and had decent comic timing.


6. Divergent (2014)

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This movie was actually a good one. Tris, an adult resident of a futuristic world divided into five factions, elects to join the Dauntless faction. But she actually belongs to another faction, which she must hide, as a major war looms. Teller fits in the frame as a fellow Dauntless, equally apprehensive of what lies ahead, but in a more optimistic way. I must say, the way Teller looks in the movie is commendable. His action sequences were well co-ordinated and crisply performed. As a part of the talented ensemble, Teller does a superb job, pulling off a role that required him to be dauntless, with minimal effort.

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