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Mixed-ish Season 1: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

September 15, 2019
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ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ is a sitcom that follows an African-American family trying to fit in their new neighbourhood while tackling various personal and social issues in the guise of hilarious situations. The show has enjoyed huge success, and with the renewal of its sixth season, ABC has decided to expand the universe. The encouragement to make this decision comes from the success of another spin-off series that they launched in 2017.

Grown-ish’ follows Zoey Johnson as she readies herself for the college life. Now ABC is ready to wind the story back by thirty years and puts the childhood version of Bow Johnson in the centre of it all. Initially, one of the episodes in ‘Black-ish’ was supposed to give a backstory to Bow. However, it was shelved and was instead turned into a pilot that would explore a world of its own.

To sketch this story and its characters, Peter Saji and Kenya Barris have been brought on board as writers. Both of them have also worked in ‘Black-ish’ and ‘Grown-ish’. They also serve as executive producers alongside Randall Winston, Brian Dobbins and Helen Sugland. Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays the role of Bow Johnson in the parent series, is set to serve as the narrator of the series and also joins the executive producer team along with her co-stars, Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne. Antony Cooper joins the team as the director.

Mixed-ish Cast: Who’s in it?

The story of ‘Mixed-ish’ revolves around the childhood of Bow Johnson. She is played by Arica Himmel who has previously appeared in films and TV shows like ‘Before You Know It’, ‘God Friended Me’ and ‘Thanksgiving’. Tika Sumpter appears in the role of Bow’s mother, Alicia Johnson. Sumpter’s career took flight after she starred in ABC’s drama, ‘One Life to Live’. She also appeared in a recurring role in the teen drama, ‘Gossip Girl’. Her film credits include ‘Stomp the Yard 2’, ‘Salt’, ‘What’s Your Number’ and ‘Sparkle’.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays the role of Bow’s father, Paul Jackson. He is known for his roles in ‘The Passage’, ‘Pitch’, ‘Truth Be Told’, ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’. Mykal-Michelle Harris plays another member of the Johnson family, Santamonica. The child actor is known for her roles in ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Bikini Moon’ and ‘The Karma Club’. Ethan Childress plays the role of Johan Johnson. He has previously appeared in ‘Black-ish’, where the story takes a flashback route. He has also worked in ‘The United States of Tomorrow’. Gary Cole plays the role of Harrison Jackson. He is known for his work in ‘American Gothic’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Dodgeball’ and ‘Kim Possible’.

The role of Denise is played by Christina Anthony. Her streak in comedy includes shows like ‘Key and Peele’ and ‘Mash Up’, and has also starred in ‘Boyish’, ‘Take My Wife’, ‘Dog Moms’, ‘Pet Intervention’ and ‘The Dilemma’. She has also hosted the ‘Found’ podcast on Wondery.

Mixed-ish Plot: What’s it about?

In ‘Black-ish’, we see the world through the lens of an African-American family. Living in the suburbs, they tackle various issues, from the things that set them apart from others to the similarities that unite them. Set in the contemporary world, we have a clearer perspective of the situation. But take it thirty years back, and the picture somewhat, if not entirely, changes. In ‘Grown-ish’, we see Bow Johnson growing up in a world where she struggles to find her rightful place. Coming from a mixed-race family, she has to face the dilemma of neither being completely white nor black. She had lived with her parents and two siblings in a hippie community where they had experienced no form of barriers. They “ate together, prayed together and slept together.”

For a twelve-year-old Bow, life was pretty perfect. But then the cops show up at their place and the community is disbanded for multiple violations. This forces them to go live like everyone else. Bow and her siblings are thrown into the suburbs and are sent to a school where they discover what being mixed means. Their parents had not prepared them for what they experience with their classmates. The sense of not belonging begins to take hold and they desperately search for something that can put them in either of the two groups. Meanwhile, their parents struggle to settle down in this form of life. On top of that, their grandfather comes to live with them. As time passes, Bow learns the importance of creating her own place when no one is ready to make one for her.

Mixed-ish Season 1 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Mixed-ish’ is set to premiere on ABC on September 24, 2019. Like its sister series, the show promises a lot of fun by exploring a feeling that resonates with a great number of people. With the setting of the 80s, we get to see a marked difference between Bow’s own struggles and her children’s. ‘Black-ish’ already has a strong reputation with the audience, and the first spin-off, ‘Grown-ish’, as well, has managed to carve a place of its own. With the same writers working for this series, similar results are expected.

Coming to the second season of the show, ABC has not made any announcements yet. The production house might wait for a while to see how it performs. ‘Black-ish’ has a set of 24 episodes each season, and ‘Grown-ish’ also reached this benchmark in the second season. If ‘Mixed-ish’ aims to exhibit the same episode count, the first season might continue till April or May 2020. This means that in case a second season is commissioned, it will air sometime in September or October of 2020. As we receive more information on the matter, we will update this section.

Mixed-ish Trailer

How well do you really know your parents? Rainbow Johnson’s children start wondering about this when she tells them some incredible things about her parents and her siblings. ‘Mixed-ish’ elaborates on that and shows us Bow’s journey. You can catch all the episodes of the show on ABC. Watch the trailer here to know about Rainbow’s childhood in a nutshell.

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