12 Most Shocking Anime Scenes

Anime is one of the best things to happen to TV. But sometimes they do seem to go haywire. A misappropriate comedy with sexual assault or a very messed up take on a rape scene, they have done it all. And as with any other form of entertainment, sexual violence is extremely difficult to depict in anime. Obviously, some filmmakers take advantage of the fact that there are people who enjoy watching sexual violence and therefore purposefully push such gruesome scenes in their movies or TV shows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The purpose of this article is certainly to not glorify violence of any kind. In fact, we are strictly against it. The purpose of this article is to bring to light the anime that consist of rape or sexual assault, so that the next time you are watching any of these anime with your little son or daughter or brother or sister, you should know that these are not appropriate for them. You MUST prohibit any person below 18 years old from watching these scenes. These are only meant for adults. With that said, here’s the list most disturbing anime sex scenes.

12. The End of Evangelion (1997)

This is one of the first scenes that kinda comes to mind when you think about disturbing scenes having sexual implications. The movie was a controversial one in its time and maybe rightfully so. The scene which we are gonna talk about is during the time when Shinji tries to wake up Asuka from the coma. Yup, I know you have remembered it. Shinji exposes Asuka’s her bosom in the hopes of getting some kind of reaction from Asuka. Later we also hear moans coming from Shinji and later could see his hands covered in some white sticky substance (I know… don’t make me say it).

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11. Shimoneta (2015)

The next disturbing scene comes from the Ecchi anime ‘Shimoneta’. Though many may consider this scene as sexy, it is nothing less than a rape scene. In this, we see Anna Nishikinomiya who is the Student Council President rape her love interest Tanukichi Okuma. She covers his eyes with her underwear and tearing off his clothes, continues the disturbing act even though Tanukichi continuously asks her to stop.

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10. Berserk (2016)

This is an inter-species rape scene and is really violent though we don’t get to see the actual act. Berserk follows the life of Gut a black swordsman as he tries to fulfill his vengeance. But this scene has nothing to do with him. Here we see that a horse possessed by demons is going haywire. Farnese tries to ride the horse but instead, the horse looks at her with its crazy eyes and says that he will be the one to ride her and starts licking her and then just rapes her. This is a horrifying scene.

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9. Wicked City (1987)

I don’t know whether you would brand this scene as sexual violence but you can be sure that it is a lot disturbing. The show deals with supernatural creatures who exist in an alternate dimension known as Black World. This scene starts with a normal sex scene, a normal woman having sex with a man. But wait! She soon transforms into a spider looking creature and has teeth like structures in her lady parts. Yup, I am not joking.

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8. NouCome (2013)

This is a 13 episode long romance/comedy genre anime series. I don’t know if it’s just a personal opinion or does anime sometimes gets its comedy concepts really messed up? I mean come on sexual assault is never going to something enjoyable comically. But well, it is anime. This scene happens in an anime with an unusually long title (here I have used a short synonym). Here we see Kanade the protagonist being chased by boys who want to have sex with and they do it quite forcefully and sometimes even in public. This all happens while the surrounding girls clap and laugh (Seriously?).

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7. Wicked City (1987)

This list could have many disturbingly sexual scenes from the movie ‘Wicked City’. It is that kind of a movie where sex, nudity, and gore are a usual thing. The scene about which I am talking about is the scene where Maki gets gang-raped by a gang of demons. Taki arrives a bit late to see this horrific scene in action. Throughout the scene, we see nudity where the demons are fondling with Maki’s bosom while continuing to rape her. Fortunately, Taki comes to his senses and kills the demons to save Maki.

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6. Kara no Kyoukai: Tsuukaku Zanryuu (2008)

From one brutal sex scene to another, we move to the film series ‘Kara no Kyoukai: Tsuukaku Zanryuu’. This scene showcases a girl being raped by a dude while other members of his gang watch. The scene is much more disturbing as the girl, Fujino Asagami is devoid of any sensation of touch even sexual one. So we see an expressionless Fujino getting assaulted again and again by the gang as they get angrier given her lack of reaction. This scene is also instrumental to the plot of anime. The good thing is that the creators try to portray the scene as it is rather than making it erotic or comic.

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5. NANA (2006)

This next scene is from the anime series ‘NANA’. Nana and Hachi have been close friends for years now and have grown attached to their apartment. But slowly their friendship dwindles as Takumi and Hachi continue their unhealthy relationship. Takumi is dominating and does not let Hachi have her say. His decision is always the final one. He is the one to decide their marriage and forcing Nana out of the apartment. This scene occurs when Takumi forces Hachi onto a bed and dominates not letting Hachi have a say. The scene is emotional and disturbing.

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4. Mirai Nikki (2011)

This scene from ‘Mirai Nikki’ deals with Ai Mikami who is the seventh diary owner. She shares her diary with her longtime lover Marco. They wish to win the challenge and become a god to be together for eternity. In this scene, Ai is tricked by some high schoolers into coming to an abandoned factory. She thinks she is meeting Marco but later realizes that she has made a mistake. The students start forcing themselves onto her and begin raping her. The scene ends with Marco coming to her rescue.

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3. Ninja Scroll (1993)

‘Ninja Scroll’ is a great anime movie. The action scenes are great and the visuals are stunning. It is one of the examples of why anime sometimes proves to be better than other animated stuff. Jubei is a swordsman who wants nothing to do with politics and all but is drawn into all this after saving the beautiful Kagero from a stone-like killer. This scene occurs after the stone-like man decimates all of Kagero’s ninja team and takes her back to his place. There he removes her clothes and begins sucking on her bosom. Thankfully, Jubei comes to save her.

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2. Blade of Immortal (2008)

This is an action anime and revolves around a swordsman Manji who has killed around 100 men. He is famed for carrying twelve weapons with him. Manji is cursed with immortality and has been around for a long time. This curse gives him an edge over his opponents as he would have been mortally wounded many times over without it. This scene happens with the mother of the girl that Manji is currently helping. She recounts the day when the members of a sword school attacked her father’s dojo killing him and raped her mother. Later on, another member of the sword school recounts how one of the members raped her. Having felt pity for her he killed her and now wears her head on his shoulder.

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1. Cross Ange (2014)

Princess Angelise had everything she needed in her life. She was beautiful and was beloved by her people until one day it is revealed that she is resistant to mana and this leads to her imprisonment and later her working as a soldier. This scene occurs in the very first episode after Ange is arrested because she is a ‘norma’ and later is sexually assaulted in the name of a cavity search. This anime had all sorts of wrong in it.

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