14 Famous Movies That Were Banned in India

This writer is of the opinion that no form of art should be banned, unless it is purposefully trying to incite violence against a certain segment of people. But obviously, members of Indian rating agencies don’t agree! They believe in rigorous censorship of movies. What they don’t realize is that with the advent of internet people have access to anything, anywhere. So, any form of censorship is just an hogwash to look politically right. In actuality, it serves no purpose. With that said, let’s list down the movies that were banned from releasing in India, either by CBFC or Indian government. The list includes both banned Hollywood and Bollywood movies in India.


1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The popular Steven Spielberg movie was banned temporarily for its “negative” depiction of Indians because of a scene, set in India, where characters are served monkey brains. The ban was later rescinded.


2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This David Fincher movie was banned for its adult scenes of rape and torture. The CBFC demanded that these scenes be cut, which the director David Fincher refused to do.


3. Fifty Shades of Grey

The film was not given a rating by the Censor Board, even after voluntary cuts by the distributor.


4. Blue Jasmine

CBFC wanted the makers to insert a smoking disclaimer. Woody Allen, who directed the film and holds the creative rights to his every film, refused to do so.


5. Fire

On its opening day in India, some film theaters were attacked by Hindu fundamentalists for depicting a lesbian relationship. The film was withdrawn and sent back to the Censor Board. But, later the ban was rescinded.


6. Water

Due to its bold content that dealt in misogyny and pedophelia, the film was banned from releasing The movie was released in India much later in March 2007.


7. India’s Daughter

This television documentary about the 2012 Delhi gang rape was prevented from being broadcast by a stay order from a court, due to perceived negative public sentiment including remarks defending the rape.

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