10 Movies You Must Watch if You Love ‘Basic Instinct’

If you grew up in the 90s, Basic Instinct must have been one of your primary sources of sexual awakening. It is a film that despite its fair share of criticism has gone on to acquire a cult status and is still discussed in the pop culture. It is difficult to say what exactly clicked with audiences when they first saw Basic Instinct. Though, many might claim that the film worked because of its racy sex scenes. While that might be partly true, let’s not forget that Basic Instinct is also a decent thriller. So, when we started looking for movies like Basic Instinct, one of the prime criteria was presence of suspense elements on top of the theme of eroticism. With that said, here is the list of 10 movies similar to Basic Instinct that you must watch.


10. Single White Female (1992)

single white female

Staying with a roommate can be enormous fun. You can borrow stuffs and share things. But what if the roommate starts borrowing things that are not supposed to be shared without asking. Stuff like your boyfriend. Or Your life. Single White Female or SWF as it appears on the newspaper advertisements , is a formulaic hollywood thriller with some great performances. Especially Jennifer Jason Leigh as the psychotic roommate Hedy who makes life hell for Bridget Fonda’s character Allie. The creepiness hits the ceiling when Hedy goes through a makeover to look just like Allie.


9. Poison Ivy (1992)

Poision Ivy

Poison Ivy is a plant known for causing painful rashes and itches to the person coming in presence of it. Now think about a person who causes harm to anyone coming to his/her presence. Drew Barrymore’s Ivy is of that league. An innocent looking femme fatale creates mayhem in a family of a father, mother and daughter by seducing the dad, bumping off the mother and replacing the daughter, all at once. The surprise of the movie is Drew Barrymore, who sheds her image of a happy go lucky girl and plays a teen seductress akin to Stanley Kubrick’s provocative ’Lolita’. Eventually, it’s her act that makes the movie immensely watchable. After all, ‘What Ivy wants, Ivy gets !


8. Play Misty For Me (1971)


Clint Eastwood’s debut as a director, ‘Play Misty For Me’ is one frightening tale of desire. A besotted fan of a radio jockey, requests every day the same jazz tune called ‘Misty’. Chance makes them meet or so he feels and they get into a relationship. But soon the bond of love turns into an unhealthy attachment as the fan starts stalking him everywhere. Breaking the mould of an action hero, Clint Eastwood comes up with a nice change as a radio jockey. This movie kind of paved the path for future stalker movies such as ‘Fatal Attraction’. Watch out for the scene where Jessica Walter threatens to kill Donna Mills by saying – Have to get you all nice for David. I hope he likes what he sees when he walks in here, because that’s what he’s taking to Hell with him.


7. Belle de Jour (1967)

Catherine Deneuve stars as a wealthy but bored newlywed, eager to taste life to the fullest. She seemingly gets her wish early in the film when she is kidnapped, tied to a tree, and whipped. It turns out that this is only a daydream, but her subsequent visits to a neighboring brothel, where she offers her services, certainly seem to be real. Overall the film is a delicate but passionate study of erotica. Roger Ebert called the film “possibly the best-known erotic film of modern times, perhaps the best.”


6. Fatal Attraction (1987)

Fatal Attraction

When infatuation turns into obsession, its often calamitous. And nothing is more dangerous than a vengeful woman. Alex Forrest, after a casual fling with Dan Gallagher becomes fixated on her paramour, who refuses her advances. Shit goes real bad from here. Want to know how? A crazy Glenn Close boils a pet rabbit alive. Get that? And it’s a proven fact that no one portrays adultery better than Michael Douglas! Praised highly by the critics, Fatal Attraction got nominated in six categories at the academy awards.

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  • Hi guys, I think you forgot that Basic Instinct belongs to the erotic thriller subgenre and is essentially the Halloween of those small sections of movies. After 1992 both mainstream and direct-to-video titles tried to copy the success of Basic Instinct – some mainstream films are almost direct remakes with a few changes such as Body of Evidence (1993) starring Madonna, whereas others tried either copying the name (Animal Instincts, 1992) or tried emulating similar neo-noir sex thrillers. Either way it paved the way for countless imitators. Some of the movies you have mentioned in this list are erotic thrillers such as Single White Female etc. But I’m sure fans of Basic Instinct who aren’t aware of other erotic thrillers will much appreciate being recommended those films that follows the same style and genre conventions laid out by Basic Instinct rather than some films that may only be similar because they too are thrillers with one or two random sex scenes.

    No offence is intended of course, just a suggestion for a future article as it’s a sub-genre that is now extinct. Other honorable mentions are The Last Seduction; Sliver; Never Talk to Strangers and Body Double