12 Movies You Must Watch if You Love ‘Twilight’

We all have heard and probably seen the hit movie Twilight and its sequels and have no difficulty in telling what the story is all about. Some might love it and some might hate it. In the end, it all comes down to personal interest and opinion. However, for the ones who did like it or at least aspects of it, what is it really that attracted you the most? The central theme of fictional vampires and werewolf, immortality,  the love triangle between Bela and the two very different male characters that lead her into a dilemma of choices, the romanticism, the adventure and action or simply everything all together that makes this movie as exciting as it is? For the ones seeking to find similar elements this movie contains in order to prolong the never-ending thrill the success of “Twilight” brought to the world, here are the 12 best movies similar to Twilight. And yes, the list has both romantic and vampire movies.


12. The Hunger (1983)

Go back in time a little and this 20-year-old film will still give you the chills with its main character as a powerful vampire who drinks the blood of her lovers, who let her do it in exchange of a body that does not age. Played by beautiful Catherine Deneuve, she mixes fear with passion and sensuality in this horror film that equally stars David Bowie and Susan Sarandon as main characters. Although a different story setting and definitely a 80’s style visual, it’s a great way to dive back into the mysterious world of vampires and the uncontrollable thirst for blood. When “Twilight” was still not born, here’s what the world got.


11.  What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

This movie might not directly be related to the mood and feel “Twilight” spreads, however it is a great laugh revolving around the theme of vampires. In fact, that’s all it is about! And it is brilliant. This hilarious comedy horror documents (obviously in a fictional way) the lives of four vampires sharing the same flat who share their domestic struggles and thoughts of their every-day-life. Soon, Nick will join the group as the new vampire and more problems occur with his reckless behaviour. An absolute must-watch.


10. Great Expectations (2012)

Set in the mid-19th Century, “Great Expectations” includes similar topics as the “Twilight” Saga from which the contrast between rejection and love, good and evil. It is of course an adaptation to the screen of Charles Dickens’ classic novel, and therefore not so easy to handle. However it’s still an entertaining and good piece of drama worth a watch for its constructed and well-defined characters and amazing well-known cast (Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Robbie Coltrane, Jeremy Irvine…). Long story short : Pip, an orphan, comes from a poor background and through luck and time becomes a fortunate gentlemen in London.


9. Meet Joe Black (1998)

Although no vampires or werewolf in this story we are still faced with a supernatural and quite peculiar character : Death. It takes the form of a young good-looking Brad Pitt under the name of Joe Black and enters the life of Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), asking him to guide him on life on Earth. In that process he falls in love with Bill’s daughter, who thinks he is the man she once met at a coffeeshop. Maybe he is, or is he? If you liked the strangeness and out-of-this world aspect of Twilight, together with its slow and fragile romance, watch this amazing well-made and original story, directed by Martin Brest.


8. Let The Right One In (2008)

This brilliant Swedish masterpiece combines vampire horror with beautiful romantic friendship between two young characters living in a suburb of Stockholm. Oskar, a 12 year old boy is often bullied by his classmates and dreams of revenge in order to put things right. One evening, he meets a girl named Eli who has recently moved into the same building as his. She seems strangely pale and of course, there’s a reason for that. However Oskar does not understand that she is a vampire from the start and develops a strong friendship with Eli, who incentives him to stand up for himself against his bullies.  Naturally she needs to feed herself off of something and deaths start to occur in the neighborhood. Prepare for an impactful film that contains a certain quality hard to achieve, not only visually but also emotionally.


7. Red Riding Hood (2011)

With Amanda Seyfried as the cover of this film, it has got it all from thrill and action to impossible love and romance, all entangled through the common element of the werewolf. Although not set in the current day, in contrary it shows a dark forest and village from the medieval ages, it resembles Twilight through its similar themes and romantic conflicts. Here, Amanda plays the protagonist Valerie, a young and beautiful woman in love with the town’s woodcutter Peter, who’s village is under attack by the dangers of a werewolf roaming in its surroundings. Murders will occur and a quest for survival, as the need to uncover the mystery causing this will drive the movie forward, keeping you glued to the screen until you get the answers to the questions you so desperately want to clarify.

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