10 Movies That You Should Never Watch on a Date

It goes without saying that most of you would pick a romantic movie to watch for a date. While some may choose an action or even a horror movie (both provide you escapist entertainment without being cheesy that romantic movies can be sometimes). But is there a type of films that you should completely avoid? Are there types of films that are strictly no-no?

In my opinion, there are two kind of movies you strictly should avoid: 1. something very graphically violent or sexual and 2. dramas that show downfall or pitfalls of a relationship. With that in mind let’s jump right into 10 such films that fall into one of these categories and that you should never ever watch on a date.


10. Antichrist (2009)


A grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. A genius like Lars von Trier — who I’m a big fan of — is no stranger to making deeply disturbing films. This is one! And even though it is a great film if you watch it alone, I would never advise you to watch it with you date.

Why you should avoid it: Weird, graphically sexual and is about crumbling relationship.


9. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

It chronicles the story of the sickening pleasures of the lords and how they exploit 18 young men and women in devious manners. The tale is narrated in an unflinching manner, making it highly intense. The brutal murders, rape for fun and sadism make it one of the most difficult films to watch. It is gory and hurts the viewer almost physically every time it is watched. Some of the scenes are so disturbing that it becomes a nightmare. The torture is unapologetic but poetic justice is served in the end.

Why you should avoid it: Violent and disturbing


8. Oldboy (2003)


This 2004 classic has everything thrown in: brutal gut wrenching violence and gore, protagonist at unease, a shady antagonist, and incest. Watching this movie for the first time will certainly blow your minds, and you’d probably feel disgusted for sometime. I did. But its cult status can’t be denied. It is horrifying, yet mesmerizing, and inspire two remakes.

Why you should avoid it: Extremely violent and deals with incest


7. Dogtooth (2009)

‘Dogtooth’ challenges the conventional wisdom of filmmaking by making all its characters unlikeable — detestable, even. But there also lies the reason why ‘Dogtooth’ works so well; because it isn’t afraid to go to uncomfortable places to reveal  the dark aspect of human psychology. As disturbing and startling ‘Dogtooth’ is, it also funny in a sad kind of way. Ultimately, it is as raw as modern filmmaking can get.

Why you should avoid it: It has themes of sadism and incest.


6. Blue Valentine (2010)

Starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, ‘Blue Valentine’ is a story about a couple, who the world sees as a perfect relationship, but are actually in a downward spiral caught up between lack of ambition and retreat into self-ambition, hence slowly resulting into a failed marriage. One of the best movies about marriage, ‘Blue Valentine’ is so honest in its rendering that it is not easy to sit through the film. But if you do, you will realize what a truly exceptional film this is.

Why you should avoid it: It is about a failed relationship

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