10 Movies You Should Watch if You Are in a Complicated Relationship

The verve and excitement of falling in love are something we’ve all experienced in our lives at some point of time or the other. Love is a special feeling; something that is too inexplicably beautiful to be put into words and phrases. But the madness of love could be fleeting. Human beings are complex creatures and most of us could be really hard to get along with, thanks to the beauty of differences. I’m sure most of you have been in a complicated relationship at some point of time or the other in life; a relationship that is relentlessly devastating you on an emotional level and find yourself ensnared in the indecipherable intricacies of love. This article hopes to offer solace to all you lovers out there, wandering through lanes of desolation.

Here is a list of 10 movies that you should watch if you are in a complicated relationship:


10. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

Without a doubt, the most popular film on the list. ‘500 Days of Summer’ is a film that every lover gets back to, in their most joyful moments and even in times seeking solace from the sad realities of love. The film chronicles 500 days of Tom and Summer’s relationship, capturing the events that lead to its making and breaking. Director Marc Webb provides a charmingly refreshing treatment to a story that may seem very cliched. ‘500 Days of Summer’ is a film that you would secretly want to hug and never let go as it cleverly brings out the romantic suckers hidden in each and every one of us.


9. Revolutionary Road (2008)

Sam Mendes’ 2008 drama of a couple getting exposed to the brutalities of their relationship and getting to confront the realities they’ve been evading throughout their lives is as painful and disturbing as Mendes’ 1999 classic ‘American Beauty’ which explores similar themes. Beautifully acted by the iconic Kate-Leo duo, the film is relentless in its startling exploration of marriage and the intricacies of everyday life and how even the slightest of glances or a tiny bit of laugh could change the dynamics of a relationship in ways you haven’t imagined before. ‘Revolutionary Road’ won immense critical acclaim during its release but sadly has not caught up to its viewers with time and we hope that it gets the respect and admiration it truly deserves.


8. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

David O. Russell’s deliciously crafted romance drama is a poignantly sweet tale of a man with bipolar disorder, discharged from a psychiatric hospital and looks to mend broken relationships from the past and gather pieces of his life back. His life changes when he meets an emotionally troubled girl as they help each other survive the mental traumas wrecking their own lives. Russell’s sharp script wonderfully examines the complexities of their swaying relationship and their inabilities to cope up with the realities consuming them and come to terms with their own frailties.


7. Her (2013)

A man falls in love with an operating system. Yes, you heard it right. An operating system! Spike Jonze’s 2013 sci-fi romance drama depicts a futuristic world where Theodore Twombly, a lonely, introverted letter writer, purchases a talking operating system, personified by a female voice, and ends up falling in love with it. Beautifully directed by Spike Jonze, ‘Her’ paints the frailties of human nature and the complexities inevitably brought on by the human desire to be loved and cared for. From a story that is seemingly impossible to connect with, Jonze crafts a deeply human and delectable piece of art that will live on for the ages. ‘Her’ has been growing immensely in stature and enjoys a staunch following from cinephiles across the world.


6. The Painted Veil (2007)

Relationship dramas rarely get more personal and complex than this. A criminally underrated classic, ‘The Painted Veil’ is a beautifully haunting and heart-wrenching tale of a couple struggling to cope up with the realities of marriage. Emotionally rich and visually gorgeous, ‘The Painted Veil’ explores the intrinsic qualities of human nature and the tragic incompatibility between people who love each other despite their seemingly obvious differences and flaws. The couple embarks on a poignant journey of self-discovery amidst their marital turbulence as they rediscover the withering beauty of marriage. Moments of fleeting joy and happiness blossom in their lives as their relationship evolves with time and moments that bring them closer to each other.

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