10 Best Murder Mystery Movies on Netflix

Movies that are set around a mysterious murder that must be solved, have been with us since the beginning of the art of cinema. It is practically a universal genre everybody has had a taste from and from which most continue seeking better and more intricate  stories. From the classic detective adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie’s famous character of Hercule Poirot to the never-ending delight Lieutenant Columbo brought to its audience, this genre will most probably last an eternity and continue shedding excellence on the art of suspense and mystery.

With Netflix we have the opportunity to watch an array of this beloved genre and while most of them are more modern, recent and take a different approach on the traditional story format, this only shows us how today’s filmmakers still manage to keep the innovation and greatness of this art form growing and growing. So take a seat, turn off the light and enjoy this list of best murder mysteries on Netflix. You can also watch some of these detective movies on Amazon Prime or Hulu.


10. The Factory (2012)

Mike Fletcher, played by John Cusack, obsessively investigates the case of a murdered prostitute, who’s body was cut up and put to the cold temperature of a freezer by a violent serial killer. When an argumentative dinner at home leads his teenage daughter to sneak out of the house to meet her boyfriend, things take a turn to the worst as she is soon kidnapped by the same killer John is trying to locate. An intense investigation on the disappeared daughter begins in the cold streets of New York city. Although a theme often heard and seen before, it still manages to do its tricks and entertain an audience seeking for a suspenseful crime story where the steps of a man aren’t always easy to follow.

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9. 1922 (2017)

This film, as the most recent on this list, welcomes one more Stephen King novel to the big screen. Set in 1922 Nebraska, Wilfred James is a farmer living in a conflicted marriage with his wife Arlette, with whom he has a 14 year old son. After arguing over a land recently inherited which leads to conversations of divorce he decides to murder his partner and convinces his son to help him with this savage task. This story of murder contains exceptional performances by its cast and lingering suspense giving the dark and mysterious drama a fascinating approach and exploration.

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8. Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (2011)

By entering the world of espionage and confidential conflicts and investigations, “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” offers a highly entertaining mystery thriller with an incredible British cast to die for including Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch amongst others. Set in the times of the Cold War, it tells us that an agent from the British Intelligence has been killed on a trip to Budapest, which leads the head of the organisation to retire along with his assistant George Smiley. However shortly after, this last one is recruited back into business by the new people in charge in order to investigate on the possible existence of a mole within the corporation. A smart and well-constructed piece that gives the spy film genre a new and exciting story to enjoy.

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7. Basic Instinct (1992)

The famous leg-crossing scene of Sharon Stone has become an iconic moment in film most people recognise from afar. Although not the essence of the film, it is part of the character she portrays, a rebellious bisexual crime novelist and first suspect of the murder of a rock star, Johnny Boz. This murder is being investigated by Nick Curran (Michael Douglas), who quickly becomes entangled in the whole twisted and mysterious case as well as in a sizzling affair with the beautiful blonde woman. Worth watching for its excellent crime story and intense and torrid cat-and-mouse game that will leave you glued to the screen wanting more.

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6. Dressed To Kill (1941)

The oldie of this list, “Dressed To Kill” is a charming mystery crime film in the style of film-noir. Traditional in its genre, it never ceases to disappoint. With great performances and entertaining power, it righteously respects the book it is based on. It centres around Michael Shayne, a private investigator about to marry the girl of his dreams, Joanne, when they both hear a female scream from a hotel room nearby. When rushing to the crime scene they find two dead individuals : Louis, the hotel and theatre owner, and one of his actresses named Desiree. Let the investigation begin!

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5. The Interview (1998)

With Hugo Weaving on the front cover, “The Interview” is an excellent thriller that has found the ability to gloriously feed suspense and mystery with as little as a room with four walls. Set almost entirely in an interrogation room, it follows the gradually growing tension between a suspect dragged out of his house to be questioned at a police station and the two cops accusing him of murder. Intense and gripping, its storyline-twists are nothing less than highly enjoyable for every mystery-seeking audience out there.

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4. The Loft (2014)

Originally a remake of the Belgian film “Loft”, this American version is however still directed by the same filmmaker Erik Van Looy and includes Matthias Schoenaerts who reprises his role from the previous. From the five main character, the others are played by Karl Urban, James Marsden and Wentworth Miller. The story follows these 5 married men who share the ownership of a loft used to bring their mistresses or night-time lovers in secret. However one morning, a bloody murdered girl is found in the bed and they all begin to question themselves while every one of them becomes a suspect. Mysterious and captivating, one will not want to put the film on hold until the riddle has been solved.

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3. The Hateful Eight (2015)

Put your seatbelt on for an amazing Tarantino ride set in a western wintery America, years after the Civil War. After the starts of a blizzard disables a couple of characters to go forth on their journey, they must settle and seek refuge in Minnie’s Haberdashery, a warm and cozy lodge which has already welcomed other travellers. When complete, these 8 characters which range from a hangman to a cowboy to a crazy fugitive begin to know each other until two of them are poisoned and killed. Only one knows who the murderer is and all the audience wants to know, are all the little secrets that start to emerge in this theatre-play-like structured masterpiece. Of course, the actors are excellent and many are part of Tarantino’s regulars. Go watch it!

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2. Zodiac (2007)

With Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. as the lead protagonists, “Zodiac” bases itself on chilling real-life events that have left its name recognisable as one of Americas most infamous crime cases of the past century. In the late 1960’s San Francisco Bay Area is plunged in a dark atmosphere of crime and cruelty when a killer by the name of “Zodiac” runs the street freely, killing innocent victims and rolling the dices of controlled game against the police by sending in letters, enigmas and bloody clothes, in a cruel act of provocation, as we suppose. The mystery enhances when we follow the desperate manhunt for this killer and the intriguing investigation by a political cartoonist, driven to solve the clues left behind.

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1. The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy (2010)

Adapted from Swedish crime novels written by deceased Stieg Larsson, the movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” was the first one being created and its immense success led to two more film adaptations starring Noomi Rapace that were combined and to which were added extended scenes forming the trilogy we now have available on Netflix. The trilogy begins with the story of a journalist who gets involved with a female hacker who helps him on his search for the killer of a woman murdered 40 years ago. It is intense, long and a breath-taking thriller filled with suspense, violence and an extraordinarily absorbing tattooed woman.

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