Narcos: Canceled or Renewed?

I am a fan of the ‘Narcos’ series. I mean it was different from other TV shows when it was launched back in 2016. It stayed strong throughout the course of its 3 seasons and was able to amass a huge fan following who just craved to see more of the stuff. After season 3, Narcos was launched as Narcos: Mexico which premiered on November 16, 2018. Season 4 of Narcos is essentially Narcos: Mexico Season 1, the filming for which would have had begun sooner if the unfortunate event, the murder of location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal, hadn’t happened. The casts and crews were relatively worried about their safety. The filming began only when it was assured that it will be safe to do so.

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Narcos Cast: Who is in it?

Now here is the main gist. There are talks of the entire casting of ‘Narcos’ getting a reset. Given how its previous seasons ended and the speculations about the location of the upcoming season, it is safe to assume there will be a completely new cartel for the law to deal with. Also, there have been two confirmed new castings consisting of Ant-Man star Michael Pena and Rogue One star Diego Luna, though there has been no elaboration about their characters. Since the location is set in Mexico City, Mexico we might not see any follow-up on Javier Pena, played by Pedro Pascal, the main character until now. We are still waiting for confirmation about other casts and their role.

Narcos Plot: What is it about?

Whatever be the case we can all be assured that this upcoming season of ‘Narcos’ will have a new storyline. Given that the reign of Escobar ended in the first two seasons and the third season dealt with the ‘Cali’ cartel, there isn’t much room for the storyline to continue in that direction. There are talks about the new season being set in Mexico. The new cartel to be introduced is possible ‘Guadalajara’ cartel, active in the 70s and 80s. So, this means that it is a time travel to the past since season 3 ended somewhere in the nineties. Hopefully, this season too will provide us with the nail-biting fun of its predecessor.

Narcos Season 4 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed?

It wasn’t out of the ordinary for the creators to announce that there will be an upcoming fourth instalment to the series. It had almost been a year since the last season came out and fans had been patiently waiting for the fourth season. However, as the fourth instalment was announced, it had undergone some significant changes. For one, it was launched as a separate original series with the title Netflix: Mexico. Thus, season 3 marked the end of the original series Narcos. Although it was already a given what with it being based on Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar who was shot to death back in 1993 by the Columbian National Police.

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It may be the end of Pablo Escobar’s reign but that didn’t stop Netflix from venturing onto another equally intriguing storyline with Narcos: Mexico. Here’s the teaser for the first season of Narcos: Mexico which was released way back in December last year.

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